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What is causing my tension, racing heart beat, and nausea?

For the past several months I’ve been experiencing random episodes where over the course of an hour or two I’ll start feeling tense, especially in the chest. My heart beat becomes pronounced and I can feel it in my chest and sometimes my neck or arms (without touching for the pulse). The next day it seems silly but during it it’s almost scary. It completely takes all focus and it’s overwhelming. Sometimes it’s accompanied by nausea.

A few times it would help to go to the bathroom (number 2), but just as many times it doesn’t help. I usually end up laying down and waiting for it to pass... but if it happens early enough at night or during the day I won’t be tired enough to pass out and it can potentially last hours... extremely uncomfortable and scary at times.

Tried different diets, nothing really has helped. Sometimes happens once every week or two, other times it’s multiple times a week.

Been in to see an endocrinologist, did bloodwork. Said nothing major is wrong, just an inflamed thyroid and pancreas, they put me supplements/vitamins (magnesium, b12, calcium, melatonin) and a antiinflammatory diet (been on that for about a month now). Also had a inguinal hernia during the same time, surgery was about three weeks ago and went really well, recovery is great but while I hoped that was the problem, the episodes have still been occurring.

Usually a little nauseous in the mornings until I eat, many times nauseous after meals (it’s hit or miss).

Not sure what to look into or whether it’s just something I’m eating. Can’t find anyone else having these symptoms, but I’m tired of them. I just want to be normal again.

They ruled out any heart problems, said I have a fast heart rate only. They believe its just my thyroid and inflamed pancreas, and believe the diet will solve it. They gave me no meds directly for either.
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It sounds like an anxiety attack.  Are you thinking anxious thoughts?  Under stress?  Because that's again what it sounds like.
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