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What is causing symptoms I am having?

For a few months now I have been experiencing weird sensations in my head, which can sometimes be described as the feeling as if I’m wearing a headband. Sometimes it is mild and sometimes really bad and my whole face and head feels tight. I have also had feeling in my neck and I’m pretty sure my lymph nodes keep swelling up. I also have a lump on my uvula, which keeps swelling and touching my tongue casing the feeling of a lump in my throat.

My GP has been no help, suggested acid reflux and tension headache to be the problem which I know is not the case.
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Your GP may be right.  Might also be a neck problem.  Might be a minor migraine.  Are you an anxious or highly stressed person?
Not constant for 3-4 months though? My symptoms have stressed me out quite a bit and have been quite stressed recently. I had a blood test months ago and nothing came up unordinary, no infections or anything
Yes, if you have neck problems, it will last until you find a way to relieve the pressure.  Migraine conditions can also occur daily, it's a vascular disorder.  I don't know what's bothering you, but a tension headache can also occur every day if you don't relieve the tension.  So, yeah, it could.  
By neck problems what do you mean?
I’m worried as I’m 90% sure my lymph nodes keep swelling up and I haven’t had an infection. I’ve tried sinus relief medication and acid reflux but to no help.

Also I speak down on my GP as I was literally in the doctors office for 60 seconds before I was dismissed after ages of worrying.
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