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What's wrong with me??

Ok so I'm Alex I'm 21, I'm writing because I really don't know what else to do. When I was 16 I smoked pot a couple times to try it. It didn't really make me feel any different, then I smoked one more time and had what I think was a really bad trip, it was possible the worst moment of my life. So after the trip I kinda went back to normal then a couple days later I started to get really weird symptoms. They ranged from pressure around my eyes, tiredness and some anxiety. I went to the doctors, he said it allergies. So roughly a couple months go by and I was playing in a hockey game and I got hit the wrong way, my parents thought I had a concussion so we went to doctors he said I did. Then my symptoms just kept deteriorating and getting worse. They got so bad that I missed part of my sophmore year, and all of junior year being home schooled. The symptoms at this point were difficulty walking, thinking, speaking, cloudiness in my head, terrible headaches, pain and weakness all over, panic attacks, head rushes weird sensations in my head and face. Countless symptoms basically too many to say. But anyway at the end of junior year I got put on 20 mg of lexapro for panic, that didn't help, couldn't come out of the house for a 6 month period. After lexapro we tried Zoloft and abilify which made everything worse. Started me on 60 mg of cymbalta which totally turned my life around I got out was basically a normal kid, I got to go to my senior year not 100% but I was ok. I even played hockey again for a period of time. Trying to some this up, it's been three years since then I'm down to 20 mg of cymbalta my livers a little whacked from the Advil for the headaches and stuff, I've seen countless doctors and specialist. 3 neurologists, 5 different primary doctors, cardiologist, and they all either don't have the time to focus on me and or just really don't know what's wrong. Im about 50% right now I work full time and everyday is just a struggle. I just really want to be my old self. I feel like I've never been the same since that day I smoked pot. Please help me out. I feel as if everything is only getting worse, I have a headache when I go to bed and when I wake up. It's really hard balancing and walking, and thinking of what words I want to say. Not to mention my memory is ridiculous. It ***** not being able to live my life as a 21 year old kid. Please if you think you can help, comment below. I'm desperate at this point.  Thank you
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Well since you felt better taking Cymbalta, there is some issues with neurotransmitter deficiencies that need correcting by the looks of it. The article I posted has a lot of info but that is just a few excerpts.
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So what does this mean?
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Cymbalta is an SNRI (serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor). It's possible smoking pot may have affects these neurotransmitters.  Dr Kaslow has a very indepth article entitled Neurotransmitter Repletion. I added a few excerpts...

"Neurotransmitters are the naturally occurring chemicals inside your body that transmit messages between nerve cells.  In the brain alone there are 183 different neurotransmitters.  Two major neurotransmitters are serotonin and catecholamines, which includes norepinephrine, epinephrine, and dopamine.  Although this is the focus of this webpage, sometimes additional neurotransmitters such as acetylcholine, histamine and GABA must be considered in a comprehensive successful program.

For years it has been known in medicine that low levels of Serotonin and/or Norepinephrine can cause many diseases and illness.  Some of the diseases and/or illnesses caused by or associated with low levels of Serotonin and/or Norepinephrine include:

Panic Attacks
Insomnia/Sleep disorders
Premenstrual Tension
Chronic pain states
Restless Leg Syndrome"

"Since all neurotransmitters are made up of proteins, the diet must contain adequate amounts of protein.  Because tryptophan is the amino acid from which serotonin is produced, patients who have mixed neurotransmitter dysfunction probably do not get enough of tryptophan in their diet."  

"Your success with any condition related to neurotransmitters requires more than just taking the NeuroReplete products; you must eat and digest enough high quality protein and have a healthy gastrointestinal tract!"

"Dosage:  The mainstays of therapy are three supplement groups

Neuro-T Supply or NeuroReplete (to balance catecholamines and increase serotonin)
GSH Boost or L-Cysteine (to increase catecholamine synthesis or when using Mucuna)
D5 and Mucuna (to balance neurotransmitters and increase dopamine)"

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