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White streaks on tonsils , undiagnosed strep, antibiotics AND rash... feel fine!

So about 10 days ago, I had a terrible headache and body ache all day. Took tylenol twice, and felt well enough to go to work and even socialize that night. The next morning when I woke up, I felt like I got hit by a truck. Terrible headache, body ache, and just total fatigue and nausea, fever of 100.8. Went to Little Clinic, the APRN noticed white spots on my throat, said it was likely Strep (although I had no sore throat) but that it was too soon to test, started me on Amoxicillin anyways. I felt better a day after taking them and finished the round. The next morning after finishing the amox, after taking them for almost a week, I noticed a slight rash. It ended up getting worse, started on my chest and back, and eventually spread to arms, hands, feet. It wasn't hive-like, just little red dots. No itchiness. Went back to Little Clinic, saw a different APRN. She tested for strep (to make sure it was gone, if it was ever there) and mono. Strep negative, Mono test came back negative but she said it showed "faint" whatever that means. She diagnosed it as a reaction to the Amoxicillin, prescribed steroids, which have pretty much knocked them out. Here's the odd thing, there are still white spots on my tonsils, however I feel totally normal! No fatigue, no headache, no fever. What is going on with me?? It will be a couple weeks before I can see a PCP to follow up. I used to never get sick ever, but I have a baby in daycare and ever since then I've been sick once every few months...
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It could be a thrush.  It's a yeast infection of the throat and fairly common. It appears as a white splotchy rash and in bad cases the spots can bleed.  The antibiotics and steroids would only further or possibly begin it's development. I have too take steroids daily for Adrenal Insufficiency and get these on occasion.  Sometimes I can get rid of them by eating lots of yogurt, otherwise I have to get a prescription for a lozenge troche that contains an antifungal.
Good answer mastermangoose.

I would also recommend taking some high quality probiotics to ensure the replenishment of the healthy gut flora.

Consuming enough coconut oil (as a supplement and/or as a replacement
for inflammatory cooking oils)
will offer you some anti-fungal/parasitic/
viral/microbial benefits.

Best wishes,
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