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Why can't I get an answer on what is wrong with me?

So it started around the start of year 11 where I had extremely chronic fatigue and would fall asleep in class. Somehow it passed and everything was cool. Then a few months ago I started getting weird dizzy spells where I'd feel light headed and dizzy. And then suddenly I started getting more symptoms and they came on so quickly that I'm getting them constantly now. I feel light headed, dizzy, extremely weak, constantly tired, I shake and I get headaches when smelling food. I've had 3 blood tests and every time they have come up with nothing. The dizzy spells keep getting worse that I've almost passed out completely 3 times. I'm 17 and healthy and female. I'm not on any medications.
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You might have a thyroid condition as it can cause most of your symptoms and also get your doctor to look in your ears as a wax build up can also cause it there is another condition that can cause them and you would need a ct scan for it as you could have narrowing of the veins in your head all these problems can be checked out by seeing your gp
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Did you get your iron check. Very low iron can cause someone to pass out. So,I would start there and try to eat lots of fresh green vegetables.
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Get some blood tests, check your thyroid, check your iron and check your glucose/ cortisol... are you eating breakfast? Candy? What? Without knowing much about your lifestyle, it's hard to say, fatigue can be a sign of just about anything.
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You might want to get blood work done to test ferritin, D3, magnesium and B12

You need to get a printout of the results. Normal lab ranges are not optimal ranges for your health. If your labs come out in the normal range, it doesnt mean you won't have symptoms.
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Certain muscles in the head and neck, if irritated can cause these symptoms as well, as part of Myofascial Pain Syndrome and TMJ. Just an idea.
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Hi op it will only get worse I'm really ill at the moment it started like yours and got worse now I feel like bambi , lungs very dry with white glue like form severe anxiety , severe fatigue , lung pain slightly swollen gland in armpit , struggle to maintain body temp get very hot at night have severe panic attacks , feel like I'm basically slowly dying , and the scary thing it an awefull lot of people are getting this things I've narrowed it down to are

Chinese AIDS like virus
Some new severe Epstein bar virus
Adrenal burnout
Histamine over load due to gm crops

I've seen some people switch to paleo diet and improve over time , dose up on b vits , vit c , electrolytes and plenty of fluids any alcohol or drug use will make you worse to the point your probably gona die .. Good luck I'm still very ill with no help at all tests clear apart from slightly low iron , I no longer know what to do

Could it be bse from the 90s who know but all I know is I'm very ill
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