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Why is my son vomiting everyday?

My 8 year old son has been vomiting for over a year now.  It is everyday and all day long.  He has seen a Pediatric GI doc who has gave him many tests.  He has had endoscopy, an MRI, CT scan, an emptying study, barium swallow, 24hr EEG and a lot if blood work.  They have tested him for allergies, celiac disease as well as many other tests.  Yet we still have no answers.  I know this can not be normal and it is affecting his everyday life.  We have also seen a counselor to see if maybe it was a nerve issue.  The said the only thing that could be causing an anxiety is the fact that he is being forced to go to school and vomit like this.  The school district actually turned us into Children and Youth Services which after a 60 day period and allowing them to go through his records they decide we as parents were doing nothing wrong.  But it has been horrible on my poor child!!!!!!!!!!  If anyone has any thoughts I would be truly grateful to hear from you. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!
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I am sorry to hear about your son. Since all possible causes of vomiting have been ruled out, there is a possibility that this is cyclical vomiting syndrome. This is characterized by bouts of unexplained vomiting that stop as they came with a symptom free period and start again. There is no test to diagnose it yet. Diagnosis is made by a careful history which shows that each vomiting episode was similar to the previous one in terms of pattern, duration and symptoms.
While this may not have triggers but often triggers are found like emotional stress, exams, fights in schools, inability to adjust to one’s environment etc.
Treatment is supportive with medications to stop vomiting, IV fluids, a calm peaceful environment, counseling of the whole family etc.
The other possibility is worm in stool and acidity. H pylori infection can be another possibility.
It is difficult to comment for sure on net hence discuss this with your son’s doctor. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
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Thank you very much!  I will talk to the doctor about these possibilities.  Then I will let you know.
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