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Worried about brain damage

I am worried I have brain damage. I used E6000 glue which has the solvent tetrachloroethylene/perchloroethylene. I was trying to fix a decorative garden pot that broke in to many pieces. I worked on it for 4 hours in the house, with no windows open. I do not sniff glue for fun, but I might as well been huffing it as I was getting close to see why the broken pieces wont fit together right. Ive had many symptoms since this incident. My neurologist says I would have had to been in an enclosed tank to get any damage but I am still worried. She also said that my symptoms can be somatization. But can these symptoms really all be from anxiety?

So far I've had an EMG and that was fine. I'm scheduled for an MRI just waiting to get that done. Stool samples came back with no issues.

April 14th is when I worked on the pot and a month later is when all these symtpms started. I am female, 31, 5'8 and 215 lbs.

These are my symptoms some of which have gotten better or disappeared.

Haven't gotten better:

- Hands feel pain and tightness some mornings
- Ring and middle finger first digits hurt throughout day
- Shoulders/neck shuddering when reaching out for things. Muscle movement doesn't feel smooth. Feels jagged.  
- Pins/needles/pain in hands and feet come and go
- Massive muscle twitching all over body (gotten better but still present)
- Weak feeling and pain in limbs/pain in quads, hamstrings and calves while walking
- Changes in stool (2 months straight)
- Burning sensation random parts of body especially toes.
- I'm noticing when I outstretch my hands and then try to close them very slowly, I can see my fingers move in that jagged manner- especially my index and ring finger.
- Shaking pinky and ring finger left hand when I hold my hand out a certain way.
- Much lighter period this month.

Gotten better:

- Racing heart and abnormal palpitations
- Loud ear ringing all day
- Headaches
- Face tingling right side

I am just terrified with all these symptoms. I am so worried and waiting for this MRI is torture. I can't imagine its psychosomatic symptoms, but I'd much rather that then it be real!

Any help is appreciated and thanks if you stuck it out til the end. I know it's a long read
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