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Wrist, Sudden swelling then bruising after lifting cup!

Yesterday I picked up a cup of coffee out of the microwave using my left hand.  Immediatly after my wrist got a 1 to 2 inch lump on it.  Didnt hurt really.  The next day my entire palm side of my wrist is bruised.  It isnt painful but it is a bothersome feeling when typing at work and driving.  Let me also add that I am 23 years old in good shape. I also have only been working at a job where typing is an everyday occurance for 2 weeks and 1 day.  

I am interested in finding out if this is something I should go see a doctor about?
If this is a sign of an underlying symptom unforseen by myself?
And if there is anything I can do to prevent it from happening again.

If you have any information please help!!!
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It can be bursitis or tendonitis. Bursitis is inflammation or irritation of a bursa, a small sac located between a bone and muscle, skin, or tendon. Tendinitis is inflammation or irritation of the tendon, which is a thick cord that attaches muscle to bone. DeQuervain's tendinitis results from overuse of the thumb tendons, often caused by repeated pinching with the thumb while moving the wrist. It can occur with activities such as writing, gardening, or fine handiwork.As your work mainly involves typing,so this is an important possibility.

Did you injure yourself recently or did you fall on an outstretched hand recently?If yes,then it can be a ligament sprain or muscle strain. Sprains frequently occur at the wrist and include pain, swelling, bruising, instability, and loss of the ability to move and use the joint.

Give proper rest to the wrist.Apply cold compresses(cold gel pack, a bag filled with ice cubes, or even a bag of frozen vegetables)on the swelling. After 48 hours, or for chronic (long-term) pain, dry or moist heat may be more helpful than cold compresses. Ultrasound (sound waves) provides deep heat to help ease some forms of tendinitis, bursitis and are useful in providing relief.Apply some anti-inflammatory analgesic(pain killer)gel or cream on the swelling.You can also take Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like aspirin or ibuprofen.Severe cases may require steroids or splints/braces or surgery.

If the symptoms persist then pls consult an orthopaedician to rule out gout or rheumatoid arthritis.

Take care and pls do keep us posted.

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I have only been working where I've been typing for 2 weeks.  I never injured my wrist.  It doesnt hurt but its bruised.  Its not bursitus....so what the heck is wrong with me!!! thanks for the help though
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Do you take a lot of aspirin or aspirin-like meds? They can cause the slightest bump to show bruising.
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