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carpal tunnel/tremor

This is my first time on a forum, so bear with me as I try to post a question..............2 years ago I tore my rotaty cuff and decided against surgery instead did 1 yr. of PT.  Finally went to neuro-surgeon and he dxed carpal tunnel syndrome.  Did not have surgery for that because I have had RSD for 15 year.  It has been 1 yr since Carpal T dx and now have developed a tremor in my hand.

Has anyone else experienced tremor (when awake and asleep) with Carpal Tunnel?
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Thanks for your response.  I do have an appt with pain specialist 1st wk in July..........he trained at Mayo, so I am expecting good things...........the tremor really has me worried though!

Thanks so much for your input!
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Hi Boys Yaya,

        My understanding of carpel Tunnel which is what my mother got around 40 after continual sewing for many years, is that the earlier you treat it the better chanve you have of it not progressing.
' Because there can be so much pressure on the nerve it can be felt all the way up the arm and into the neck causing pain and pressure. The pressure could result from the pressure increasing or the tremor could be completely unrelated or have a connection to the RSD since RSD can effect the muscles and Joints(as of course you know)
From what I know about RSD, it can effect the nervous system in alot of different and complex ways and that the brain and the spinal cord somehow change from the RSD.

So either way you should make an appointment with your DR to have him check it out. Both RSD and CTS have common symotoms as in they can cause pain and pressure in the joints, muscles and bone and effect the nerves. It may be difficult to figure out which problem may be the culprit or if there is something new happening(I hope not, RSD and CTS are enough to deal with for one lifetime)

Are you wearing a brace on your wrist to help? My mom did have the surgery and it really helped her alot. But everyone is different and prefers different treatments. Just make sure to stay on top of it so that it doesnt get worse.

I hope this helps a bit although it doesnt lead you ant close to an explination and is probably what your already thinking!

I hope you feel better soon!
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