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chronic right groin pain and right lower quadrant pain......+_+

I'm 33 years old. I'm suffering from chronic right groin pain and right lower quadrant pain for one and a half year! I've consulted 6-7 doctor. The worst part is that, however, the source of pain still unknow! I've ct scan(pelvis), x-ray.
Everyday I have to face is PAIN!!!

Lady and gentlemen, any suggestion for me!
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Diverticular Disease is a digestive disorder, but it can be asymptomatic or just cause pain without any noticable changes in your bowel movements. Worth reading about in any case: http://www.healthsystem.virginia.edu/uvahealth/adult_digest/divertic.cfm
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Ive been having mild chronic lower right quadrant pain too for going on 4months now.  I first suspected appendicitis, went to the ER and blood tests were normal.

Went to my regular Dr 3 days later..........I've had a colonoscopy (CLEAN), sonogram (CLEAN) and CTscan w/contrast......all my organs are fine, the appendix showed up healthy and normal.

Ive been diagnosed with IBS.  I did the Colonoscopy, just as a precaution....for polyps, divict, and IBD.  
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Lower right quad pain can be gallbladder disease- it spreads to your back and shoulder.  Have your ovaries checked- does it fluctuate with your periods? Itmay be an ovarian cyst that comes and goes with your period. Dis they check the bladder and kidney?  You really have to be pushy at the doctor's office.  Good luck
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First of all, I am male! I've check my gallbladder and kidney......and the result is normal!
I've consulted many doctor(around 6-7). Many times, I ask doctor if it's chronic appendicitis. All of them said that's not possible because no fever, no increasing white blood cell etc. Meanwhile, they told me that chronic appendicitis is rare. Even though chronic appendicitis exist, it will not last for so many month! Recently, a doctor claim that it may be referal pain cause by spine! I'm so lost that I lost everythings!
Actually, I want to kill myself. Since no matter sitting, walking, sleeping and standing, pain is all around!
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It is frustrating, I know.  I believe it could be referred pain from the spine.  Or a problem with trigger point in the muscles.  Do the doctors do muscle testing with you?  Like with you laying on your back lift one leg up and ask if you have any discomfort?  Then move it in a different way, etc. Have you been to a chiropractor or an Osteopathic doctor?  Did it start out slowly and then become constant?  Or after an injury, a slip, fall, auto, over work?  

I've worked for by chiropractors and a D.O., who know about skeletal-muscular problems.  Since your doctors haven't found anything, have they suggested any treatment, like physical therapy, home stretching/strengthening exercise? pain medication?   After several years with chronic left hip pain, "I hear your pain".  Mine is all soft tissue stuff, muscle imblances, some bursitis, not internal organs, not arthritis.   I finally have a handle on it.  2 years ago I went to the physical therapist with some relief, only it came back.  Now I'm almost pain free every day.  I saw a different PT and I followed through with my home exercise progam.  I do streching almost every day to keep pain free.

Good luck getting to the end of it.
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I have been going through this as well.  I have severe right lower quadrant pain that radiates into my groin that flares up about once or twice a month to severe pain.  I had my right ovary removed due to cysts and endo (which you dont have to worry about)!  I have had all the other organs checked out, i personally do not believe in a diagnosis of IBS cause that is what they tell you when they cant figure it out!  Any I have seen primary docs, obgyn, spine docs, GI docs, you name it.  Well i have Facet Joint Syndrome in my lower facet joints in my back. I basically have no cushion between the joints.  The referred pain from that is about the most likely explaination.  With no other clinical diagnosis that is my best self diagnosis!  Have you had your back checked out?
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I also had pain in my right groin area into the pubic area and it hurt like the dickens..They found out I had a torn LABRUM..its like the lining of the hip joint which causes this type of pain..I understand that athletic people usually get this and takes years to diagnose..So get those hips checked  out.
I also went to an accupunturist..helped a little but pain is back. the doc says they can clean the hip joint and he is positive the pain will go away..I am not sure I agree with him..as I have no pain in my hip..The accupuncturist feels its a nerve..I also notice it gets bad when I change from one shoe to another..I feel its muscle/nerve problem and I will explore further..I did get a shot of cortison into the hip and the pain did go away for 2 weeks in the groin area..but the shot might have calmed the nerve..I think I need to have more stores
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Nice to hear so many feed back! Thanks!
I've visit both chiropractor and Osteopathic. Their comment is normal. Everything is alright. At the same time, I've CT scan right lower quadrant. The appendix showed up healthy and normal..
A doctor told me that it same to be the problem of hernia. He told me that's a small hernia and nothing can do at this moment. Afterward, I visited two more doctor, they told me that no hernia exist!!! It maybe the problem of nerves.
I'm so lost. So afraid of operation.
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I have what sounds like the same type pain.  Mine is a burning in the lower right side, close to the groin.  I am a female that works out alot.
Have had this almost two years now so I imagine it can't be the appendix or it would have burst by now.
It is difficult to do crunches  or stay seated very long.  I have had a normal abd. ultrasound, pelvic ultrasound, expl. laporoscopy, my ovary removed and still have the pain.  I'm now thinking it could be neurological radiating from the lower back or spine.  Thinking about a
chiropractor but don't want to open another can of worms.
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EXACTLY my symptoms.......and guess what? turned out I had a deep deep hernia down near where the pubic bone and the groin meet... I also had two very enlarged angry chronically inflammed lymph nodes.
This apparently was giving me the great pain; and the reason that no test could give me a diagnosis.
Finally, a general surgeon suggested he just go in and have a look.
Low and behold -- I am no longer in pain.  
Ask to see a general surgeon.
Just because a hernia does not "pop" out, does not mean it is not there.
Good luck.
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I had my appendix out in 98 after years of pain.. It was Chronic appendicitus (sp) I had had that pain all my life.  Weird isn't it?
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I am 29 yeard old and I have Crohns disease and i have had 3 surgeries and still have severe right lower quadrant pain sometimes groin, i get a fever, chills, get tired easily. so i know what you are going through.
any comments for me.
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im having this pain right now that is similar as yours and is happening tight now while  typing this msg.
its really painful.im just hanging out now and hope this would not go severe.im praying while typing.and my thumbs are ready for the ambulance anytime. I'll tell you the details soon after the pain will subside maybe tomorrow.Goodluck to us!!!!
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I have pain in my right groin, no leisons but think it is nerve involvement as it is only on one side of my body.  Last year I had shingles, it is a herpes type virus that is carried in the body as a result of having the chicken pox.  It lays dorment for years and then can surface when you are weakened or under stress. It will run along a nerve root.  
Frequently follows the rib cage.  Should eventually develop blisters lasts about 6 weeks, but may not surface.  Nothing really soothes it. I think the groin pain is simular to the pain as shingles and believe it is a form of herpes.  CAT scan neg, Dr thinks it is depression, but if it doesn't get better, it could cause depression.  I will let you know if I find out.
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I really wish all of you can recover from your sickness.

I consult so many doctor and test, however, no one can heal my sickness.

Now, I spent all of my money. I lost my ability to work! And my wife is going to leave me!

I lost everything......except pain!

I'm so lost that I'm going to kill myself!

Goodbye everyone! Thanks for all the information!

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Thanks for all the information!

Thanks for sharing the feeling!

I spent all the money for the sickness. I lost my job. I'm going to lost my wife....

That's enough! I'm going to kill myself!

Goodbye everyone!
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do you really believe that this will solve your problem?
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it is selfish to think of suicide. i know i understand the pain. i;m having the same problems and the doctors can't figure it out. i feel like giving up all the time.theres only a couple a people in my life who care about me but i know if i kill myself there pain will out way mine for a lifetime.so all i can say don't give up. don't take the easy way out.go to hundred doctors if you have to.life is short enough i should no i lost most my family.evryone hang in there.
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I really hope CRKT did not follow through....though i can understand feeling this way.  

My LRQ pain has been on and off for over 12 years and getting progressively worse even though I am in very good physical/mental condition.

Doctors do not find anything with CAT/Ultrasounds.  Tell me I have IBS.  I have tried many, many things and nothing really helps.

Pain is constant, gnawing, burning, ulcer-like feeling but deep in my lower right abdomen.

I've just about given up on regular medicine, though, person that talked about seeing a general surgeon got me thinking, maybe this is the only way.

Have never had any surgery or major illness.  Am baffled with this chronic pain.

One doctor suggested a pain clinic.
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I'm thankful I found these posts as I have been having lower right quad abdo pain for several months now and have had 2 ultrasounds, a colonoscopy and CT and have not abnormalities, despite being awakened at 2 a.m. with pain, burning, gas, dizziness, mouth sores and more. When this starts it usually lasts for 4-6 nights and drives me crazy. I have been living on sleeping pills to get sleep, and I understand how crkt and everyone else here feels. I have felt like I wanted to stick a knife in the area it hurts and then I'd get relief. I am a 50 yr old female with lupus and psoriatic arthritis but this doesn't seem related according to the long list of doctors I've seen and been ignored by.
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I thought I was going crazy.  I have the same symptoms.  Lower back pain around L3/L4 on the right side of the vertebrae.  The pain radiates into the inside of my groin to my quad.  When it flares up, it is almost unbearable.  I am 36 and have been active my entire life.  I was a personal trainer in college and have faithfully incorporated weight training into my physical fitness regimen hoping to avoid this type of thing.  

I am at a loss.  Every physician's test shows me to be perfectly healthy.  I don't know what to do.  It's been almost 8 months and the frequency of the intense flare ups are increasing.

If anyone has any suggestions, I am open to them.

Thank you all,
jaxbch surfer
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A horse hit my husband in the back, knocking him down, back pain occured, Diagnosed with chronic arthritis of the lower spine in July 08. Nov 08. LRQ pain began. Several trips to ER, and then a dx of gall bladder, had it removed, pain presisted. Pain meds helped for short term, From Nov to end of Dec 08, he was inpatient 4 times, 3 of thoses for 7-9 days, Had colonscopy, xrays, ct's, hidascan, msrp, small bowel follow through(drink barium & xrayed from mouth to rectum as it passed) nothing found. All of the above are gastro test & a second opnion agreed nothing wrong in that area. Has been seeing pain mgt doc, where they are injecting meds to block nerves that travel from lower spine to abd, nothing working, and he's on oxycodone(blocks the pain) making him crazy, and has me very worried. He too has wanted to end it all, but God is answering my prayers and not allowing him to do anything like that. oxycodone is BAD, do not take it! I have empthy with each of you and your pain, remember, family members are going through it with you. Keep searching for the reason, we are.  Finding this site has encouraged me! My husband is not crazy and the pain is real, not psychosematic as has been suggested. The person with the deep hernia in the pubic bone, groin area has given me another area to insist the doctors investigate. The dx of IBS was given too, however; this is a "dump" dx for "we really dont know", dont settle for that, keep pushing for better answers and results. Good Luck too everyone
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hello,   i too have the lower groin pain on my left side usually.  Sometimes though i do get it on my right side but not as often.  i have severe back problem. Scoliosis and spondololithesis.  i definitely think it is from nerve that is causing the problem and pain. i too had tests done, but no luck. i have sciatic nerve pain very bad on back of left leg that runs down to bottom of my foot sometimes.  Does anyone else have sciatic pain? I am definitely going to check out what piperpatty said.  She might be right and it could be chronically inflammed lymph nodes caused by hernia. my pain is usually a sharp stabbing sensation. like a ice pick is being used.  Does anyone else have this feeling? or is your pain a dull ache or cramping feeling?  any suggestions or info would be appreciated greatly.  thanks and good luck to all!!   janem502
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