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completely unfocused

I have been researching online some symptoms that have have been going on for , well, honestly a few months now. I noticed it around November of '14. I am completely unfocused on any projects for work and am wasting days not really getting the day started. I can't concentrate on anything for more than 5 minutes at a time and in 38 years I have never been depressed then suddenly- boom. I have consistently maintained a regular workout routine until now also. Irritable-you bet. I've found it difficult to even finish crosswords in the morning. Without being too graphic the sex life has dwindled though its more that I can't keep a girlfriend without losing interest quickly.
A little more back ground, these symptoms started sometime in in early November, at least that's the first I took note of it because overwhelming depression hit me and I have NEVER felt like that. Been upset and sad before, sure but this was different. Luckil as I noticed these synptoms I had my vacation for which I was off for a month. I left town and stayed at a house somewhere else and after about 2days of the smptoms continuing I wentt one night, was home by 10:30 pm and slept for 36 hours. One more day of the symptoms and BOOM! I was fine. Excercising, sociable, and responsive. Painted some landscapes, finished some work. Even got a girlfriend.
I finished vacation and by February (if not late January) I was right back where I started. I've even picked up cigarettes...I am not now nor have I ever been on any meds.
My personal belief is that its a combination of all the things I've read on between burnout and sleep apnea. I have no other health issues that I know of and I had a complete physical in mid October.
Anyone, any thoughts?

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Hi mickyp38.

A few questions, since these random or sudden events and symptoms
don't point to anything very specific.

You mentioned burnout. Please expand on this.
Do you have any ongoing issues (besides what you posted) from before
that cause you stress and anxiety?
Any alcohol or drug issues?
Have you ever been diagnosed with anything?
Any family mental/emotional history?
Past long-term relationships?
Is your main income from your work as an artist ? How's that going?
How's your nutritional habits and what is your typical daily diet?
Any past injuries, accidents, significant traumatic events?
You did not mention having visiting a doctor for all this.

Looking forward to your reply.

Best wishes.

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Thank you for your inquiry.
My job is very stressful and worse I have tried to expand on personal business. The symptoms-that I noticed- started at the tail end of remodeling a house I am living in and buying another to flip.
During the remodel I came down with ear infections on four separate occasions for which I had antibiotics prescribed.
That is not my regular job. I work as a treasurer for a labor group and a first responder. The painting is a hobby I've been doing for years and to be honest it's gone better.
As for history of mental problems to my knowledge, the only one that comes to mind was a great grand father who may have been bipolar.
As to food and alcohol, I drink socially and when I run with the guys-we drink but that's not too terribly often.
My food habits could be better but I am mindful of what I eat. My meals aren't as regular as they should be but I eat healthy and big when I do.
Past injuries, I broke my arm when I was 14, got in a car wreck when I was 24. Airbag hit me pretty hard but Brainscan showed no damage.
Past relationships-and this ma be a big one-ex and I seem to be trying to remain friends and dancing around wanting to give it another go. Normally I would say-let it go but the distrust and uncertainty are the result of- and this another big one- a close friend who turned out to be ruining all relationships I was in. Long story for details but suffice to say after I figured out what was happening I found that he has a history of it and several criminal offenses that were "glossed" over.
For what this is worth, I seem to have a long history of extremely volatile friends who were controlling and manipulative. I have since gotten rid of them.
I have to admit though I'm working very hard to move past it, it lingers.
My workouts have tapered lately but I remain a runner and adventure racer though my weight is up lately. I've been studying more on diet lately and am currently trying to fix that. A lot of information out there on diet and it can be confusing but after researching my symptoms I think my diet has been too much protein not enough alkalines. The descriptions I researched were very similar to mine and I think that it is a good part of it. Seems to be a snowball effect of stress, diet and I think starting with the antibiotics.
I went to the doctor but I am committed to staying off meds unless absolutely necessary
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Your body might be saying no, as the effects of uncontrolled stress-including hidden- have perhaps reached a certain threshold, where now they started to manifest in symptoms as you have described in your post.

We all know very well that conventional medicine offers very little help,
in such cases.

So, your personal ambitions may be a way of "burying" some unresolved
issues deeper into the subconscious, by taking on stressful projects, getting involved in meaningless relationships and other 'stuff".

My suggestions are :
1. Reduce stress levels.
2. Optimize diet.
3. Rule out Candida. "Seems to be a snowball effect of stress, diet and I think starting with the antibiotics".
You can do the "Saliva test for Candida" on your own as a screening test. Just do a search. If indeed positive, you must go on strict anti-candida regimen.
4. Work on building fulfilling long-term relationships with people around you.
Avoid toxic people, like the plague, as they pull you down energetically.
5. The car accident may have left some non-physical trauma.
You won't be conscious of this, but it does not mean that there are no
possible negative effects from it.
Only certain forms of therapy which reach deeper levels of our emotional
and mental aspects of the body, can clear such trauma.

Note: I'm a Board Certified Hypnotherapist, Advanced EFT Practitioner,
also trained in Energy Psychotherapy & Cellular Medicine- but only participating as a regular member here.
My comments & suggestions are not intended as a replacement for medical advice.

Best wishes,

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