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contraction spasms anyone? vitamin deficiency?

I'm looking for anyone whose rhomboid spasms are more like a contraction that grips and releases every 30 seconds and will last for days? If you have this type of spasm, how do you get relief?
I've had this issue for years. Suddenly I get what feels like a needle in my back, then I know the contractions are on the way...I get a break (ha!) of 30-45 seconds between spasms. After a day or two of this, I just want a steroid shot in my back for relief (I've only had one years ago).  I've had an MRI, cat scan etc. I have a bulge at C7. After several tests with my neurologist she did an extensive blood series and discovered that I was extremely deficient in vitamins D, B-12 and iron. After 5 months on vitamins (prescription strength D) I didn't have one spasm, not one! She then took me off the vitamin dosage and here I am today with my first spasm in 10 months. I'm due for another round of blood work to compare before, during and after. I hope this helps someone, I never thought of vitamin deficiencies being an abetter to muscle spasms but after doing some research, it seems to be the situation. For my own personal relief when in full contractions - sitting still with switching out ice and heat, then sleep. Sometimes Xanax will help..anything to help my brain stop communicating to my muscle. I hate the muscle relaxers I was prescribed, they make me drunk dial. :)  
Looking forward to hearing thoughts on vitamins or if anyone else has the 30 second contraction spasms.
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You might try developing the practice of regulary scanning your body (shift your awareness to your body), to see if any muscles or areas are more tense than they ought to be.  After awhile this practice may become so routine that it's subconscious and an invaluable way to keep your tenseness down to a manageable level.

I agree that extreme vitamin deficiencies would aggravate this (which suggests to me that your diet may leave much to be desired, and that there are or will soon be other fallout / bad effects from other types of deficiencies, if you do not improve the quality of the foods you choose).
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