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cyst or tumor?

1-1-14 I was in a bad car accident, forehead hit the windshield Hard brain bled I was out for 3 days and in Icu for 3 weeks. I recovered but I found a moveable lump by the front of my ear, doesnt hurt. Could it be from the accident? Ive also had blepharitis for a month now, could it be from that? Should I see a doctor?
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Hi Lucky.. I would advise you to go to the doctor just to be sure. It will ease your mind. Wish I could be of more help
Take care
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I did self diagnose on the blepharitis since I don't have any insurance. I looked up the symptoms on the net and it says to wash with baby shampoo. I did that for a week and it started to get better but then I started staying with my bf becuz he was going to get locked up and stopped cleaning my eyes and it got worse. As for the swollen lymph node this all weird to me I have never heard of anyone having anything like that. I am going to apply for ins and i will def get it checked out. As for my accident. I went on a date with a guy I had just met and got us really drunk so i was passed out I almost bit my tongue completely off, lost a 4th of blood by the time ambulance got me to the hospital. I was on morphine the whole 3 months so I woke up 23 days later NOT KNOWING ANYTHING THAT HAPPENED. Im happy that I didn't die for my family, but there has been so many problems…but I am glad you made it through both of your accidents. We are blessed and are here for a reason. Thank you!
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Hi luckysteph.

The lump could be a swollen lymph node, which itself is benign, but please consider having this checked out by doctor (just to make sure the underlying cause of this is nothing serious), who you should see anyway for your blepharitis, since it has been one month.
Did you self-diagnose?
Blepharitis, normally resolves within a couple weeks, using topical antibiotic cream, compresses and good hygiene/cleaning.

It is hard to establish a link between these and your accident, but the lump
is possible, the blepharitis because of all the time lapse, I don't think so.

BTW, I've been involved in two near fatal accidents, a miracle to be alive
healthy and well today. Count your blessings my dear!

Hope you get this resolved soon.

Best wishes,
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