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desprately seeking diagnosis- skin condition nearing chronic stage

many thanks to the those taking the time to review my post, any input is appreciated. beyond words...
i am currently suffering from a obscure skin condition, ive been experiencing symptoms since July of 2012 (months).

striving to keep details "in a nutshell", focusing on pertinent information: (as i feel overwhelmed with uncommon and worrisome manifestations)

symptoms include:
-skin rash (Palpate lesions), or acne on face, torso, groin, legs, and scalp. scalp displaying Seborrhoeic traits.(treated with t-gel shampoo)
-itching of the skin (severity ranges from slight to at times intolerable and affects daily life)
-HAIR LOSS- eyebrows no longer whole, growth patchy, hair line affected (more recent, brows one of first symptoms to raise real concern)
-inflammation and redness surrounding sores (or acne) that appear at random, severity seems to vary month to month peaking around pre-menstrual.
-sores slow to heal.
-eyelids swollen, eyes itchy.
-nose occasionally itchy.

prognosis: (empashis on the "NO"):
in total ive seen 5 dermatologist, 2 general medicine doctors at PCP clinic, and 1 allergy specialist (as referred by PCP).
ive been given several opinions on what i may be suffering from, but tests taken have failed to provide validity to suspected condition.
treated for fungal and typical folliculitus, antibiotics (doxicyclen) cause severity in skin rash symptoms while anti-fungal meds did not provide overall relief after 2 months of treatment. (terbinafine)
biopsy taken from arm and leg after anti-fungal failed to cure. results came back inconclusive.

after biopsy derm care insisted to treat symptoms despite the occasional (and frighting) flareups. advised to seek psychiatric treatment  due to manic attitude  during duration of care. advice taken, very helpful but not any closer to regaining my health.
cycle of severity in symptoms continues, working with PCP. he is notably insightful and empathetic to my condition and we are currently undergoing investigation of possible hormone or allergy contributions.

allergist very helpful but i fear placing diagnosis with allergic reactions could enable root disease/infection to become chronic.

im am not a medical professional but have gained much insight into overall heath and various conditions in my own personal research, not to mention im "in the drivers seat" so to speak... im not sure if the following is of any help or importance but in the possibility of aiding your insight, i few theories of my own. In visits to my professionals offices, i feel in depth, detailed examination of contributing symptoms are either overlooked or not present at date of appt. photo journal taken taken month to month, pics attached.
-extreme dust mite reaction (dermal only)
-autoimmune disorder. (what i fear the most)

please note: my roommates dog is constantly itching (to explain first two ideas), vet visit explained the skin itching to be allergies. id like to note that the dog is constantly itching day and night, biting fur, patches missing in coal.  
derm care has yet to meet my request for a skin scraping test to rule out scabies/mite infestation.

once again i appreciated your time, here's to our health. and life. :)
-Gloria Faye.

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I am so sorry that this is happening to you!  It is possible that you are allergic to dust mites... How to get rid of them?  Okay here goes:  Wash all your bedding... Now take the mattress off the bed and vacuum your box springs.  Okay?  Before you put the mattress back on the bed, spread fabric softener sheets all over the box spring.  Now spread fabric softener sheets all over your mattress and leave them for at least two hours.  After the two hours, remove and discard the softener sheets and vacuum your mattress.  It will stink to high heaven!  These are dead dust mites. .... Vacuum your floor and discard the dirty vacuum bag in the outside trash can.    Now put the clean bedding on the bed. -  Take a shower and put on clean pajamas.  You should get a good night's sleep without mites biting you.  - Hope it works as well for you as it did for me!
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PS  - rub the dog all over with dry fabric softener sheets.  Not the used ones.
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Thanks for your advice, my allergy testing did point out that im highly allergic to dust mites. Im a bit overwhelmed with all the home "necessities" for sufferers. I will undoubtedly try your method before purchasing the expensive bedding suggested to me. any other dust mite suggestions welcomed!

im seeing a dermatologist tomorrow that has been highly recommended by my allergy specialist for further insight, and hopefully answers, to my daunting skin condition.

worth mentioning:
homeopathic sulfur regimen (my own shot in the dark) is so helpful! severity has gone from an 8 to a 3 or 4.. so grateful for this.
fingers crossed that its all over soon!

love and light,
gloria faye.
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