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My son is 12.  He has been diagnosed with ADD, Dyslexia & Auditory processing disorder but I think he may have mild (undiagnosed) asperger's or something else.  He is extremely behind in reading, has poor penmanship, can not retain information, has trouble focusing and is very clumsey and ackward.  He hates being alone, apears to look to others for ques how to act at all times, has very poor social skills, takes things very literal, and has clear speech but it is still hard to understand what he is trying to say because of the content of his sentences.

He also gets concusions from simple falls that would not affect other people the way they do him.

I have been trying to get him help since he was very young (2) but still do not feel he has been properly diagnosed.  I would really appreciate any hep I can get.

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Hi annabell7...I an adult female with ADD. Most of the things you mention are very typical with ADD. I was always in with the slow learners for reading, had poor penmanship, was always daydreaming, and was kinda clumsey. And my ADD is considered mild. Poor social skills is a classic ADD symptom too. To this day people still make fun of me (in a good way) for taking what others say too literally/seriously.

I don't know about the being alone thing. Could be because he gets bored by himself. That's torturous for an ADD sufferer.

When I was in college I use to babysit for two brothers 6 and 8. One with ADHD one not. The younger had it and trying to have a discussion with him was like talking to someone who didn't speak English. I can only imagine that an ADD with an auditory processing problem would be incomprehnsible at times.

I can only imagine be a mother and watching your son struggle with some of these symptoms must be really difficult. I can't say whether or not there's something else going on, but that a lot of what you describe is common. I'm in the Dallas area and there is a doc here that is at the top of the field in dealing with ADD/ADHD. He's on Dr. Phil frequently and runs a center here that deals with all kinds of problems. If I was in your shoes he's who I would take my child too. If there's something more he's the one to tell you.

Here's his contact info...

      The Lawlis Peavey PNP Center is a clinic founded by Dr Frank Lawlis and Dr Barbara Peavey providing comprehensive integrated assessment and treatment planning for individuals dealing with problems involving neurological issues and related symptoms, including Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD), Mood Disorders, Bipolar Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Anxiety, Depression, Memory & Attention Disorders as well as other Neurological and Spectrum Disorders. call them at 972 434-5454

I wish you the best.

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Hi there, i also have an adhder and i am wondering if you have thought about an OT evaluation for him?
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Thank you so much for your response.  It does make me feel better to know my son is not alone.  He has done much tutoring, special ed, and vison therapy but it has made little progress.  He was recomended for OT by his vision therapist but the school would not provide it and I could not afford the $5000+ price tag.

Would I need to bring my son to Dr Peavey or does he have a way to diagnose without seeing the child.
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I would imagine that you would have to take your son to the clinic, but couldn't say for sure. Try giving them a call. Maybe they'll have some suggestions for you or at least be able to tell you whether or not it would be worthwile to consider taking him there.

On a footnote...I thought I'd tell you that I was not diagnosed until I was an adult. It would have helped me a lot for my mother to be supportive of me when I was younger. I had self esteem issues (not uncommon for an add/adhder) because I couldn't figure out why I couldn't do better or as well as I perceived others to be doing. I just needed reassurance that I was "great" just like I was, even if I was slow. Understanding why would have helped. I thought I'd also tell you that I have a very high IQ and am a very happy adult. While your son's symtoms may be difficult for you and for him NOW, most likely your son will be the same. Just keep in mind that while add/adhd might be a curse to some, I don't think it is at all. There are many many successful people that have add/adhd. And those that know they are often accredit their success to their add/adhd, like David Neeleman, CEO and founder of JetBlue. Statistics are likely that someone with ADD or Dyslexia has an above average IQ.

I once heard of a woman who's dyslexia was so bad she couldn't read. Just plain couldn't read, but she had a PhD. That's because she had the support she needed. I was told she made it through school and had to have a reader. In other words someone read EVERYTHING she had to read to her.

So with the proper support even the most severely affected can excel and succeed.

Hope this helps. Wish you the best.
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