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dizziness &&alot of other symptoms 24/7 7 daya a week

Hi i am 21 years old. Was healthy as could be until almost 2 years ago 2 weeks before thanksgiving i started getting really tired and stuff i have 4 kids my youngest being 9 months old. I currently have symptoms that are really scaryfor me jaw ear fave pain constant dizziness im dizzy all day long 24 hours a day 7 days a week for almost 2 years straight. I dont sleep well my heart constantly beats fast im short of breath and when i lay down at night i feel like im gonna fall through mt bed. I try so hard to go to bed early because i am always tired bythe time 2pm hits im constantly hungry always all and shaky i feel like i never get wnough sleep i try to go to bed early but the anxiety i have at night time due to shortness of breath and not being able go get comfy. Im 21 years old and i just wanna know whats going on. Ive been to an ENT who said it was veritgo then he said i had sinusitis (chronic) i habe ringing in my ears all the time as well idk whats going on ive read alot about it alot of people say b12  but idk im always hungry i can eat then ans hour later im starving again. I cant even take a bath or shower causw if i close my eyes in the shower o feel like im falling and whwn i take a bath i feel like im swaying . can someone please help me figure out whats going on i atart my new job friday and im ao tired its unreal ill be working 10/12hours a day. I just wanna know whats going on my body constantly aches specially my back its always tensed up and feels like it need to be popped alot. Im always stressed me and my hubby argue alot. If anyone could help me id be greatly appreciated
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You could possibly have low magnesium or some other mineral this could cause the rapid heart rate.  The other issue could be POTS this will make you light headed your heart race.  I have low magnesium and also POTS.  The more stress you have and less rest you get the symptoms just get worse.  I suggest a few cups of Epsom salt in very warm bath water lay in it for at least 15-20 minutes this will give you some magnesium and also helps to relax you.  Have they done blood work on you yet?  Your heart racing will cause you to be exhausted and out of breath.  Drink plenty of water like 8 bottles per day and also make sure you have some salt intake in your diet so you don't pee out all your sodium.  All the B vitamins are good for heart and nerves.  Best of luck to you :)
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