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've been suffering from constant spells of dizziness for 3 years now. had all medical tests done and doctor now says its down to anxiety. its getting unbearable and happening every day. any tips for calming down in theese sudden spells? or natural remedies that work? they can be anywhere and make me panic so much. anyone else suffering same problem.. if so what do you do???????
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The best meds for sudden anxiety are benzodiazepines. I don't think there are any natural remedies that would work. So I would suggest you visit a psychiatrist, so he can prescribe an apropriate benzo.

Then if you have an opportunity, try to get an MRI to exclude any neurological cause.
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Dizziness can be due to a couple of reasons that I know about (I am not a Dr.) because I had them. One is inner ear problems.  You should see an ear  specialist.  The other one is heart blockage.  I had a double bypass about 5 years ago at age 50.  Before this happen I would have dizzy spells that seem to get worse (started around a couple a years before heart surgery).  When I went into hospital to be check all my lab work, EKG and everything was normal but they put me in the hospital and did a Stress Test which showed blockage in heart.  I also started having arm pain along with dizziness right before heart surgery.  You may should have a Stress Test.  Just my thoughts.  Good luck.
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Have you ever been tested for vertigo? as that can cause random bad spells of dizzyness, anyone can get it really, mostly it's people who are too tall or small though, i knew a guy about 5"5 who has vertigo and he gets random dizzy spells he just spins out of the blue and feels like he's going to fall down.
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Thank you so much for your thoughts guys, it's all appreciated as now it's getting unbearable. It can rise at any moments. Busymom54 - will see if the doc can have a stress test, did you have to ask? My ears have been checked out by an ear Nose throat doc and my had with a MRI and all is normal.

Emmabai90 - thanks, that's reassuring that you know someone suffering like me. Has he mangaged to shift his dizziness.. I've had mine ages now!!
Funnily enlighten that is my height! About the vertigo tests is that just carried out by a doctor? Or can it be taken elsewhere?

Thanks again. :)
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No... sadly not... we don't keep in contact any more though for reasons... but most cases with vertigo they are stuck with it for life, he's had it since he was born, some cases of vertigo can appear later on in life, what happens with shorter or taller people is their bodies can be unbalaced when they are born or they slowly go unbalanced, they also get dizzy when near heights too. I think you go to the hospital for vertigo tests but not sure what doctor.
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