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does derealization cause eye problems. tired/strained eyes?

people are telling me the way i feel (drunk vision) is derealization. iv had it for 7 months and from the beginning my eyes have been tired and heavy but the last few months they hurt, sore, strained, burn all the time :/ why?
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Hi there, I have exactly the same problem. I got very drunk around 15 years ago for the first time, I was sick and woke up with 'drunk vision' and it has never gone away. My perspective has changed quite dramatically but can read a book fine and when I close my eyes it's a huge relief.. When I close my eyes I can imagine how life looked before.. Better and normal. Had all the tests under the sun but no diagnosis STILL. It causes major anxiety & depressive episodes but I've just kind of learnt to live with it somehow, it is amazing how the body copes when you cannot change something. Just thought I'd put my story on here to :)
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I don't know if this is how your vision is, but when my anxiety first started it was awful for about 4 months. I had derealization constantly, but one of my biggest things with my anxiety has always been vision problems. Things were shadowy, or sometimes foggy, and the biggest one was it always looked like there was a small strobe light on. I just didn't see the world right, and it freaked me out. I went to the eye doctor a bunch of times and though I do wear contacts, my vision wasn't changing and my eyes were fine. My eyes started to hurt too, but it's because I was straining them in an effort to see clearly. After I got my anxiety under control a little better, my eyes got better. Now when my anxiety acts up, so does my vision.
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no my eye sight is still there, its just a little funny now like if i had a few drinks. i have been to a neuro, two acually. iv had mri, blood work and other tests also. the eye doctor said the reason for my strained eyes might be that i need to just up my perscrition but i dont get how this strained eye stuff happened aroundish the time my drunk vision stuff started.
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Derealization has more to do with the way you "feel" rather than the way you physically see things.

The eye doctor said "maybe" ? is that mean that you did lose a bit of sight?

You said it started in November right? was it all of a sudden, do you remember any other symptoms preceding it ?

Try to do a simple neurological test, the Romberg's test.

stand up straight with your feet together toe to toe. look forward, lean your arms forward palms up, then close your eyes. if wobble when you've closed your eyes you're positive.. look it up on Youtube to check the procedure.
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i see everything as if i were drunk or something (derealization). i have been to the eye doctors twice. i have glasses but he said maybe i need to up my perscrition. i have also been to a neuro (not about my eyes being sore and tired, about the drunk vision.) he said everything was normal.
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what do you mean exactly with drunk vision? blurred vision, double vision?

psychiatric problems don't make your eyes sore so I guess no it's not derealization...

you need to get your eyes checked, Standard ophthalmic exam.

also the burning sensation in the eyes can derive from a Neurological problem, brain or optical nerves.

did you also have slight loss of sight, maybe loss in peripheral vision?
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