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exercize-induced headache, low body temperature

I often have strong headaches which last up to two days, they can be exercise-induced or simply associated with my periods. They all the time feel the same: I notice I breath less, like I forget to breath, my body temp is about 96.4 or so, mild fluid retention, sometimes nausea or partial lost of vision, white blind spots. My weight is normal: 150lbs and 5
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Most likely, you're experiencing migraines.  You should see a neurologist, not an endocrinologist.  As for body temp, 96.4 would be considered normal.
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Are you cooling down at the end of your workouts? Sometimes, if I stop a rigorous workout without letting my body cool down, I get headaches, and a general feeling of "blah."
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You should talk to Dr. about having a glucose tolerance test.
It's different than just a glucose bloodtest. Sounds like you
are spiking insulin & most likely borderline or hypo-glycemic.
You need carbs pre-wkout/water during/complex carbs w/ protein
after & maybe gatorade mixed w/ water off/on. A sliced apple
w/ peanut butter is a perfect example of a snack off/on. You
may not be sustaining the fuel for energy. Try 'real' orange-jc
if possible as 1 snack & see if you feel better in 20 min.
Snack 'small' even w/ almonds 6 times a day & see if this helps.
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Depending on other conditions if you have also experienced flu like symptoms or had a viral infection in the last 5 months or so, also if you feel achy and exercise makes you feel worse, you should really read about CFS. It sounds like CFS slightly. I get headaches after exercise and sometimes feel worse after than i did before and no amount of exercise makes me feel better. as with CFS , hypoglycemia, vision spots along with the emotions. The symptoms you seem to be presenting are indicative to me of possible beginning CFS. It is a very tricky thing to diagnose and very controversial. I am a diagnosed CFS patient. The first response of neruo /vs endo. Neither will be able to help until you have been diagnosed by a knowledgeable DR. the second respones does not address any real problems you mentioned, Geesh people at least look at the whole picture or don't reply. The third answer so far seems like this person put thought into what you asked and I agree with them. Just ready about the CFS to make sure you are not presenting anymore symptoms that may be linked that you are not aware of.
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