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experience some odd feels and issues with my body

Started one night shift I had some really painful abdominal pain from my chest to my belly button last almost while **** 9pm to 10am next day.

Never felt pain since did think much of it at time,
As days passed by I started to notice weak feeling in my legs(more on my left leg than right) as well my hands/arm almost felt like I had to put more effort in trying to move those body parts.
As day progresses got really bad that I was walking like an elderly man. At this point my whole body just felt way off from my BRIAN all though out my body.

One night I had smoked a joint went back inside sat on chair to watch movie with roommate's after some minute's on my right hand in-between my index finger and thumb I had this sharp pain than my whole body went num to point I started to tear in fear what was going on the feel lasted abit, I could not really move at all stayed sitting in chair untell I felt like I could stand then got up tried walk around the house to shack it off which took few hours. I quite all pot after this!

The feeling I was having in my head is really hard one to explain but the closes I can get is just lack of feeling like I was there but could still see and hear of everything going on around me but my brain just not possessing quick enough for me to respond within normal timing.

Few days I would wake up to get ready for work but my whole body and mind was so weak when trying to pull myself out bed was dragging on floor tell I could focus enough to stand up (this only happened three times).

This stay like that for over week of almost in complete dazz and I did notice my muscles in my legs started to deplete same for my arms, during this whole time I also always had the feeling I needed to pee but most times nothing or very little would come out but never hurt when it did.

So after just over a week or so and fuzzy feeling of my Brian started to slowly go away and could feel normal again with few issues such as confusion over things I know I know already having hard time getting sentence out when I already have it in my head and blanking out lots and not noticing it..
My leg muscles started to feel better after I started to take some protein and go for walks made them feel less week however still no muscle growth.
I get these random pain almost like quick shock on my brain more on the left side near front sometimes on right in back I took some aspirin for few days helps alot with that now I only get then few times a day.(I am not still taking the aspirin only for two days I took it.)
For last few days here I was having alot trouble sleeping I'd pass out for hour or two than that's it trying to sleep after my body would just be to sore and my hart just beat fast so iv say **** it get up just start my day at like 3-4 am doc had put my on zopiclone which I find I can get close to good 6 hour now sometime wake to to pee.

I understand this is alot and i know there still some info I'm missing just can't think of it right now ..

I have gone to the doc had blood test done for my thyroid all three levels same as my vitamin B's,sugar levels , STD HIV, all come back at good levels . urinan was told looks fine as well.

Doc sent me for spin X-ray of my lower back sad looked bit curved however told my could have just been the position I was in.

He had also had my send for ultrasound of my bladder and upper abdominal said look good.

Was gonna send me for Brain MRI however cancelled it now wants me to go for another ultrasound of my lower abdominal.
Another thing to mention as I remember for weeks after the symptoms started my poop color was very light brown didn't matter what I eat , this has changed in last few days it's gotten really dark again not black though thank god.

I did used to be full time smoker /coffee drinkerand weed snoker I have given up all of it since the symptoms started to get bad
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