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i am so scard this will happen again!! help please!!

if anyone has any info on what this could be.
please let me know .
I have had endomitriosis now for almost four years now . I have had four surgeries in the last three and a half years . each surgery they found lesions all over uterus and also found even on my abdominal wall!!  everywhere that you can think of they found it . anyway its been about nine to ten months when I had my last surgery now. i am still having pain from my endomitriosis and scar tissue as well.
about six months ago is when this new symptom all started .,,,,,, I have seen blood in my stool and dripping when i try and use the washroom for over a year now. months and months after having this go on all the time I was trying to use the washroom one day and was feeling fine all day and then out of no where i felt cramping real real bad in the upper or middle of my stomich and started passing out and throughing up so hard that i felt like i was going to die. like something was really wrong!!! i was getting sick in a garbage pale in the washroom and trying to use the washroom at the same time ! but nothing would come out.
after laying on the washroom floor and crawling in a ice cold shower in time it passed .
I have had this happen just out of no where at least four more times in the last six months now ! before it comes on i feel fine and then bam!!! out of no where i am getting sick and throughing up like you have never heard before it is so loud and bad!  had to call 911 last time because i blacked out and was screeming in pain !  i do have endomitriosis and feel it is on my bowel causing a partial obstruction!
kinking the bowel half shut!
I have constapation all the time as well.
i am so scard that this will happen again to me out of no where!!.
i really believe this is what it is, but dont know for sure. I also read that no test really shows endomitriosis or scar tissue causing a partial bowel obstruction.  I am worried now because it is just a matter of time before it happens again because it keeps coming back ! out of no where it seems ! passing out ! sicker then you have ever been in your life ! throughing up so hard that it sounds abnormal to get that sick.and stomich cramping up so bad it feels like being stabed ! and feeling like you have to go to the washroom but you cant . also constapation .   that is what it is like . please if you have any ideas please . ):
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isn't it crazy to know how many people actually suffer from this!!! Nice to know you're not alone!!!
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i had it. the pain was horrible. when i sit on toilet it relaxes me. then again. they did labs and CT scan nothing found. then they wrote in paper it was bowel irritable syndrome.
like it comes from no where.do u have history like this?
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forgot to mention the blood can be a very dangerous symptom...they always ask me that when I see my gastro. go see someone asap.  
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I have had IBD (irritable bowel disease) which is luckily in remission right now and has been for a while. It started after my son was born and I had a pretty traumatic delivery with him, 2 vacuums were unsuccessfully tried, then forceps, and an episiotomy (where they cut the skin of your perineum) anyways after his birth I was diagnosed with IBD.
I would have days and weeks and months where instantly have to use the restroom out of nowhere, like REALLY NEED TO GO NOW, and be throwing up at the same time from the stabbing pain in my stomach. My stomach starts to balloon out when I have an episode and it seems like every episode it gets worse and worse. I basically would be afraid to leave my house day in and out!  
The last time this happened I almost called 911 because of the unreal pain, its really like the worst pain of your life, but I couldn't bring myself to call 911 because I was too embarrassed because of the "bathroom" issue.  It would only be my luck that I'd be dying there on the can or something with diarrhea and the hottest medic you've seen in your life would walk in (funny that I even still think about that when I'm half dying)  
I usually have to lay...yes LAY in a hot hot shower in a BALL crying and take anything I can get my hands on, gravol, t3's, tylenol, anything just to attempt to make it stop!!  You may not have the diarrhea but constipation instead and its still considered IBS/IBD.  When you're under a lot of stress or sometimes from surgery where your bowels get irritated, it can start. I have had blood work, a barium xray, and a colonoscopy and all I have been told is that its IBD.  It sounds like it should be something way way worse since the pain is so unbelieveably bad!  I feel your pain!!! Its beyond words!!!  
Unfortunately for me there has been no cure, and I don't think there is.  Once you're diagnosed and they know what it is, they can sometimes offer you meds that MAY help, but for me I know nothing helped, I went through it for 7 years roughly off and on, and only NOW have been in remission for about a year and a half. I lost 30 lbs during this time and began looking really ill, but have since put it all back on and feel better. Unfortunately I know it can come back at any time.  Please go and talk to someone about it and get diagnosed...like I said, I feel your pain and if you need to talk to someone, pm me!  
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This sounds like a bowel obstruction, and may have absolutely nothing to do with your endometriosis.  I would suggest going to a gastroenterologist and seeing if that could be the problem.  It may be IBS, or hopefully not something as chronic as Crones disease. This seems way too severe to be ignored!
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