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i don't know what these bruises are from, could you give me an insight?

my name is Brenda I'm 16 years old and I've been getting explainable marks and bruises on my arms, and inner thighs during my sleep. i have no remembrance of being hit, or any kind of pressure on my body. but this week my bruises are more excruciating.they're more noticeable and in in like, these finger print form, but there are only three. they're always in four finger form. I've been getting these bruises since i was 12 and i tell my mom and show her all of them when i get them, she insists they're from low iron efficiency and she thinks i have somebody do this to me.. but i been to a doctor over a year ago and hes given me medication but i keep getting bruises on my arms. i was gonna go back up to the hospital but i feel like this isn't something medication can fix
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A lot of people bruise easily for various reasons.  Let's start by eliminating some, aging being the first, cancer and chemotherapy being next.
So here are a few others and I am not going into depth on these but you can message me if you want to:
The first suspected one is Nutritional deficiency and this could be Iron, Zinc, Vitamin K, Vitamin C.  You can correct these naturally with your diet.  Here are a few things you should constantly eat if it is this:  amla, citrus fruits like oranges, mosambi, sesame seeds, beetroot, bananas.
But then it could be Von Willebrand disease, Thrombophilia or the opposite Hemophilia, or Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.  These you should leave until you have eliminated the others and have your doctor run the tests.
Lastly it can be caused by medications and certain supplements you might be taking.  If you are taking anything do some research on the side affects.
Now that you know this we can start narrowing down what is really affecting you.
We would also need to look at your daily routine to be aware of all the things with which your body physically comes in contact.  Any touch anyone might do may not show harm, but show a bruise later.  This could be any family member or friend with which you might touch or tousle.  
If you want me to help you search through these just ask in a message to me here on this site.
i have kept a steady diet of just the usual fruits, veggies, and grains and occasionally meats. itake my daily vitamins, drink planty of water and i use to take fluoxetine for my complsive depression disorder. but now i'm off of them, i use to be on those for over a year and even then i've gotten bruises in my sleep. and it's always in my sleep when i get bruises. along with nightmares that seem real, and later in life i see some of the things i've seen in my dreams. and wake up with multiple bruises on my arms, or legs but never both. i haven't really com ein physical contact with anybody recently, i usually can explain a bruise when i've gotten into a fight before, but other then that i don't let anybody touch me, i have a thing about germs lol... but yes please look further into this with/for me! i hope i don't have some kind of cancer or disease..
Okay,, I will send you a message.
thank you for responding
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