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i have low blood pressure, weakness and anxiety

hi guys my names bittu im 36 male im having weakness almost numbness in arms and legs shortness of breath and low blood pressure....so much that it becomes scary i get anxiety because of this.... the same thing happened around 2 months back...the blood report showed magnesium and calcium levels were low. now again after viral fever i am having these symptoms blood reports are all normal b12 is normal doctor says i have mental stress how do i know guys. i want to mention that i have had stomach ulcer 5 years back and whenever i eat after that i have bloated stomach and shallow breathing. can someone help please thanks
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Bloating after eating is a common symptom of low stomach acid. Low stomach acid leads to nutrient malabsorption. I suffered B12 malabsorption symptoms with "normal" B12. In my case due autoimmune pernicious anaemia. Eventually B12 serum levels went below the range. You want B12 serum at the upper end of the range. In Japan and various countries in Europe the lowest acceptable B12 serum level is 550 pg/mL.

Check out the video by Dr Axe on YouTube: How To Naturally Treat Low Stomach Acid.
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thank you very much for replying, while writing this im still having low bp and anxiety, according to my report my b12 is 517 pg/ml. i have done another blood test for magnesium level today and the result will come in evening. i am desperate to get relief. i dont have any burning sensation in stomach after i eat. i want to mention that i had stomach ulcer 5 years back and as soon as i recovered from it i started having shortness of breath. doctor said its becoz of anxiety and even now my doctor is saying that i am taking stress. guy please help me i want to find out the cause of this, the low bp and exiety is very scary.
Most stomach ulcers are due to H Pylori bacteria. I would test to see if you got rid of this bacteria 100%. The urea breath test is often used after a person has had antibiotic therapy to confirm that the antibiotics have eradicated H pylori. There are other tests to diagnose H Pylori as well: blood and stool samples.
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