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i have no idea what's wrong with me?

So, I posted a question about this back in December. I had blood work done twice, and nothing was wrong. For a while (months before December), I've been very fatigue, sleeping a whole bunch (9-12 hours), bad headaches (where pretty much nothing helps), i've been ranging between 118-120 lbs now and i was around 126 back in December..which is weird to me. and also, i STILL have yellow around my mouth. except now, it's gotten around my nose too. AND it's in the corners of my eyes and just about all around my eyes. my friends and people at school didn't used to be able to notice it, but now everyone notices it..i go to a dermatologist on Tuesday to see if they could figure it out. also, i don't eat carrots so it's not from eating a bunch of carrots ._.

any ideas?
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Go to a DR.  It's could be your liver...problems with your liver can cause yellowing of the skin.
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Did your bloodwork include checking your liver out?
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   I agree with the others - you need to have your liver checked by a doctor of Internal Medicine who specializes in liver disease.
     Meanwhile you can help yourself by taking Parsley and Cilantro in tea or in a smoothie.  Both can detox the liver.
      Make sure to drink plenty of water to help your liver.

    Wishing you the best - please let us know what the doctor says.
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