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(mucus and vomiting) 12 months now. Had many tests. Help :)

Hey there. I am in remission from Schizophrena and take Olanzapine. I have hypothyroidism and was wondering if anyone had similarly struggled with excess mucus? (for over a year now) I produce GALLONS of mucus in my throat. My throat needs to be cleared. And in my nose as well. Long time that isn't it?

They gave me a Colonoscopy, Endoscopy and seen a Gastroenologist and a ENT clinician.

THANK YOU for any replies or advice.
I will reply here when its all over. (I will be fixed one day!) My way of giving back. :)

Please if this symptom is familiar to you let me know :)

I am sick every time I eat because of mucus appearing. Unless I immediately clear my nose. Sometimes this doesn't help and I'm sick anyway. Occasionally mucus won't appear and I'm just flat out sick (especially if eaten unhealthily or broke meal routine severely.)

This is my only symptom however I have a general 'unwell' feeling all the time. Like something in my system isn't right.
Every meal ends up looking like this: http://i.imgur.com/LuNESQO.jpg

Your comments will be compensated in buckets of gratitude.
Thank you. Thank you.
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Increased mucus might be due to increased inflammation.
Have you tried a drug to decrease gastric acid production?
I hope you find relief soon!
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I have since tried Gaviscon and IT REALLY IS HELPING. Thank you, Hemlock.
The nose and throat clearing is minimal if I pop a few Gaviscon after eating
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Have you been tested for environmental allergies or even Candida? These can cause the issues you are having. Allergies are the pits to pin down, but the time it takes to do the tests are well worth it.
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Not tested. I will be sure to.
This is all very helpful, I have to say. Thank you so much for your support.
And I swear if this fixes it you are the greatest person ever Please keep the replies coming, all. THIS IS USEFUL. x
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Have you been tested for any food allergies? It could explain (partially) why you feel ill after eating unhealthily. For some people, the cause of their mucus/post nasal drip is GERD or acid reflux.

I've always had constant post nasal drip. But,unlike you, I can't clear my nose as easily. I've thus developed a habit of sniffling into my head (gross, I know).

Yet I, too, often cough up mucus after eating, and in general. I've tried asking my ENT why I can't blow my nose, and he had no idea. Have you seen an ENT? Maybe it's an underlying condition and the sickness from eating is just a symptom of that. Sounds like it might be, since you get sick from eating a lot and have a ton of post nasal drip.

As far as symptoms go, a neti-pot may help, and maybe flonase. I need to use mine more. You will have to blow your nose after using it (to get the water out of your nostrils, but it can help people with allergies and general congestion clear up their sinuses).
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Thank you for your reply @drama.

Asking them to check for allergies again to make sure. And GERD too.

I have to sniff into my head too. Blowing nose doesn't help. What is doing this to us?

Yes I've seen ENT he was no help put a camera down my nose said "Cant see any problem, Brian. You may need to learn to live with it."

Crazy. Will post back here if I find out whats up.

Please keep replies coming. 12 months of hell. Ready to try anything to be honest.
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