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my dad is having vertigo attack, experience vomiting and bowel movement in the meantime

My dad has had many episodes of feeling dizzy (feel like the world is spinning), experiencing vomiting and having bowel movement in the meantime. His symptems looks very much like Meniere's Disease, but Meniere's Disease doesn't say the patient would experience bowel movement while having vertigo attack. So I wonder if any body has similar experience? Does my dad has Meniere's Disease or it's something else? Any hospital or clinic is specialized in this?

I really appreciate!
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You should get your dad examined by a physician. Reason is that sometimes decreased blood supply to brain (Vertebro-basilar insufficiency) can cause vertigo with these features.
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A physician can only help in this. But I have seen my mom and some relatives suffering with this during hot summer. We prepare the following juice and put them for rest. It has helped them a lot.
Squeeze 1/2 lemon in 2 cups of water. In a blender pulse 2 tbsp coriander seed, 2 inch length fresh ginger root and 3 tbsp brown sugar (don't use white sugar here, it won't work). Pour the squeezed lemon and pulse it again. Using a tea strainer (or cheese cloth), extract the juice and give the patient immediately. It will give a relief immediately. You can buy these items in any Indian grocery store.
He should avoid going out in hot weather. Dehydration will also stimulate the above condition. If necessary have an umbrella along with a hat and protect his head from the heat rays.
Moreover consult a physician soon.
Hope it helps. Thanks.
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hmm. That is a toughy without the BM issue I would absolutely say meniers as well.  Does it happen while he is trying to use the restroom-then he gets dizzy and nauseous, or does he get dizzy and nauseous and then have bouts of incontinence? The sequense is really what matters.
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my dad will start to hear noise (sounds like bombing), then he feels dizzy, in about 10, 15 mins he will start vomitting and having bowel movement, while feeling dizzy. I wounder if there wasn't enough blood supply to brain as maatson said and he coundn't control himself caused the bowel movement.
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I feel the same, because one of my dad's main blood vessel on the left side neck is clogged 50% radius, it about 15 millimeter.
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also all the symptoms will occur when he is over anxous, or worried.
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My impression is that he needs a neurovascular evaluation, especially considering the vessel narrowing.However the 'aura' of hearing sounds may well turn out that this could be a variant migraine!
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Maatson is right he really needs a neurovascular evalutation immediatly.
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