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no one knows what's wrong with me!

I'm a 15 year old female, and I can't say that I have the perfect lifestyle, but it could be worse. I'm not overweight, I'm 5'9 and 120lbs... Anywho, I've been having some odd symptoms lately that, I guess, could be somewhat concerning. It started with a rash. This "rash" resembles mosquito bites, as it consists only of slightly raised, red bumps. They are definitely not any type of bug bite though, because the marks appear randomly throughout the day. They itch, quite badly as well, and range in shape and size. Not fluid filled, not blisters, not pimple like, not tiny dots. In some areas of my body they appear in groups, while in others, it's just a single, random mark. The "rash" started on my left arm around my elbow, with 3 or 4 slightly raised, itchy, red bumps. Then some appeared on my right arm, my wrists, around my collarbone, and now, one on my forehead and cheek. This was originally thought to be an allergic reaction, although that didn't make sense because I'm not allergic to anything! I don't even have seasonal allergies! What concerned me the most was when my left lymph node began to swell. I had, and still have VERY bad pain in that area, as well as my throat and down into my chest and area between my breasts. The lymph node is sensitive to the touch, and has not gone down yet. The throat/neck/chest pain was and is nearly unbearable, as it hurts to swallow, cough, drink, eat, breathe deeply, etc. It is so painful, that the pain stops my body from coughing. I try to cough, but it catches halfway through. All of these symptoms worsened, so today I went to see a doctor. Because of my history with strep, they did strep test/culture, which came back negative. What was found out though, was that I was actually running a fever, which I didn't even realize! I was asked multiple questions, which led to me explaining my night sweats, loss of appetite, dizziness and nausea, and of course the swollen left lymph node and pain. At the end of all of that "exlplaining", there was no diagnosis from my doctor. She simply prescribed me the standard antibiotics to see if that would cause the swelling to go down, as well as pain, if it was caused by an infection of sorts. I was a little put out because I still  have not found a reason as to why this is happening to me! My neck is visibly swollen at this point, and now my fever is gone when my temperature was literally taken an hour ago. I don't understand what is happening... I feel terrible and weak, extremely tired and in pain- as well as frustrated. Is there any way that someone could help? Or at least give me a clue as to what could be causing this?
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Mycoplamsa pneumoniae, is what comes to mind.
It targets mainly the respiratory system, with many symptoms consistent with yours, including possible dermatological manifestation, in up to 25% of all cases, according to an article in the Clinical Microbiology Reviews titled:
"Mycoplasma pneumoniae and Its Role as a Human Pathogen"

These types of infections are usually challenging to diagnose and the treat, as  Mycoplasma pneumoniae is able to evade the immune system and
resist antibiotics due to its ability to fuse with the host cell or, to mimic the host cell by changing its cell membrane to resemble the host cell's membrane.
The antibiotics have to be carefully selected for effectiveness, not in
eradicating this pathogen, but in bacteriostatic action, since antibiotics against it don't have bacteriocidal action .
If given enough time, it's up to the immune system to locate, tag & eradicate it, provided that the immune system is not too compromised.

Dr. Garth Nicolson, a part-time MedHelp contributor, is the world's leading expert in Pathogenic mycoplasma infections and co-infections, if you want to do a search in this forum, for more details. (Top right corner of this page)

My comments and suggestions do not constitute medical advice.

Best wishes,

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The doctor is of the opinion that you have a bacterial infection and that could also explain the rash.

Take the medication as prescribed, have plenty of rest and drink lots of fluids, fruit juice, soups.  

If you feel you have congestion and you are not able to cough any mucus out, do steam inhalations.  

To do a steam inhalation, boil up a kettleful of water and pour this into a bowl taking care not to get scalded.  Put some Vick, Olbas oil or a few drops of any menthol oil into the water.  Bend your head over the bowl of water and cover your head and the bowl with a towel.  Breathe in the steam through your nose and out through your mouth.  Do this for about 10 minutes.  Try and do this 4 times a day, but any is better than none.

Gargle with salty water to ease your through problem.  Purchase medicated menthol throat lozenges and use those to ease your painful throat.  Follow the directions on the packet with regard to how may you can take within 24 hours.  They are NOT sweets.

Keep warm and take pain relief medication as directed on the packet for your age (not anti-inflammatories, unless your doctor prescribed them for you).

If you feel no better after finishing the antibiotics, resting etc., make and appointment to see your doctor and request a blood test to check you out for non Hodgkin's lymphoma (normally your lymph glands would be swollen under the armpits).  

Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Best wishes.
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Allergies can pop up anytime during your life.
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