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numbness all over body


I'm a 21 years old female, and sometimes when I go to sleep I start to get numb all over my body. First time it happened I couldn't  ignore it and I barely slept, I thought maybe if I to sleep I might wake up being normal so I tried to sleep for 2 or 3hours.. when I woke up I was still the same till I got normal again during the day. Second time I had it was in the university in the middle of the day, it was weird and I thought maybe because of sugar, maybe I ate something with a high level of sugar or something (I'm not diabetic) so I went to check but it was normal, then I got back home and slept and I was okay. Then after sometime later I had it again while I was in bed and I ignored it (that was almost about a month and a half ago or maybe 2). And just yesterday when I was going to sleep I started to feel numb, I tried to ignore it like last time but it stayed and I kept feeling numb during the day but it was coming and going, I mostly felt numb till tonight.. I still feel numb and I think I'm going to bed like this again. I would describe my numbness sensation as if it was getting your cheek numb by getting a numbing injections when going to the dentist but the difference is that it's felt all over your body, I could move and walk but it feels different I would hit the bathroom door and feel it but the feeling is different as if I was on some kind of pills.
(ps: I've been taking accutane since 16th of January 2015 until the 18th of august 2015.)

So I want to know why do I get this sensation or numbness? Does accutane has to do anything with it? How to deal with it if it happens again? is it serious?? does it need any medication?
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Oh my, you are taking Accutane? This drug has a boat load of side effects and yes all of what you are experiencing can be related to this drug.  And yes, I would consider this serious.

I would recommend consulting a physician, the one who prescribed this, ASAP about this before you get worse.  
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I am not sure but from how you are describing it, it sounds like early onset
MP (Multiple Sclerosis).
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