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off balance when standing, moments of lightheadedness

For the last year (Since pregnant with my 9 month old) I have been experiencing some moments of lightheadness and off balance feeling. I feel off balance every day. The lightheadness is random, standing, kneeling, sitting. Example: I was sitting at the computer this morning typing a report and ate some trail mix and within a few minutes I had a rush of lightheadness (almost feeling off balance and about to pass out at  the same time) and then had a rush all over my body like all of my muscles had contracted.. The off balance feeling that I have daily makes me feel as if I have to sway to stay standing and makes my legs feel weak. When I sit or lay down it seems to help Seems like eating and not eating makes this worse. I have been having alot of belching, bloating, gas pressure, acid reflux, and shortness of breath along with alot of anxiety from this. When my stomach is empty it is a gnawling very hungry feeling and having the off balance feeling.I have had an EGD done and it was good. Dr prescribed me Levbid for IBS and Aciphex for Acid reflux. I have been taking it for a few days. Seems that it may be helping but not seeing a tremendous difference. I also missed my period this month. Had a pregnancy before my EGD two weeks ago and it was negative. I have been under a great deal of stress lately. I have also been taking B12 shots to see if that helps. I have been having floaters, tenderness in my jaws, jaws pop, and I grind my teeth. I clear my throat alot and feel like I have stuff in my throat often. I feel as if some of my symptoms are related to TMJ going to the dentist today to see if that has something to do with it. While pregnant with my son also started having times where I would yawn and at the end of the yawn my ears wouldnt pop so it felt as if I was breathing through my ears for a few moments. Still having trouble with this. Saw a cardiologist the other. He done an EKG, Ultrasound and a heart monitor. Waiting on results. So far everything looked fine..I am so tired of feeling like this. It is interfering with my entire life.
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