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outcome figures for cancer treatments

One thing I notice: hospitals advertise "state of the art radiation, top docs and more. BUT they never tell you what the actual outcome figures are for cancer treatments. This seems to be a dodge, since a patient may die from complications brought-on by the radiation, for example, yet it will be listed as some other cause unrelated to cancer. Also, alternative therapies are blasted as untested, YET, why would they spend millions to test a threat to their own investment? QUESTION: what alternative treatment in Eastern USA has a comparable success rate to radiation and & chemo?
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None.  The reason natural medicine is untested relative to drugs and chemo and the like is that you can't patent a natural substance.  Without a patent, there is no monopoly for a period of years that allows you to sell your product for whatever you want and lets nobody else compete with you.  That's where the money is.  Research on human subjects is very expensive, and so there is very little that meets scientific standards on anything that can't be patented.  Now, that doesn't mean there is no research, but the studies are small and inconclusive.  So there's no answer to your question.  Another problem is that natural medicine is much more complicated than taking one drug or using radiation.  It involves several substances, changes in diet and lifestyle, etc.  It's hard to isolate the parts that are working and the parts that might not be.  We do know natural medicine, such as eating foods rich in antioxidants, are preventative against cancer, but not whether they treat cancer that's already there.  I managed health food stores for many years, the small ones that have largely disappeared due to Whole Foods and its like, but we used to have a lot of information exchange in those stores.  I knew people who were very brave and did choose  the natural way over the allopathic way because they decided living longer was less important than living well with what time they had left.  But also know that current cancer treatments have improved greatly over the years, using less radiation, more targeted therapies, and such. We still can't actually cure cancer, we can only postpone it's return.  But that can be for a very long time for some people.  You're right, a lot of cancer patients do die from other things and so are not counted as dying from the treatment.  It does happen a lot.  Cancer makes for very hard choices.
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