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"peau d'orange" and extremely large breasts/obesity?

Hi all,

I have had a breast exam and have had my breasts examined by around 5 doctors these past few months. I have been getting rashes between and under my breasts that the doctors say were fungal rashes. I used Lamisil and they mostly went away.

But I have been examining my breasts more and notice my skin sort of has a "peau d'orange" look to it, on both breasts, on most of the skin. It has been there for as long as I can remember, maybe a couple of years at least? My memory is kind of poor, but I have anxiety and I don't remember being alarmed by it in the past, so I'm thinking it's been there for a long, long time. My husband tells me he remembers it for a very long time as well, and can't remember when it started.

The texture is sort of like very fine dimples spaced out, they aren't extremely noticeable.

I've heard that this can be caused by IBC, but I've had my breasts examined by many doctors, including a specialist, and they are sure I don't have it. Plus I've had it for a very long time, and my mother also says she supposedly had it as well before her reduction (she was 42H)?

My breasts are 38K.

The last doctor I saw wasn't concerned about it, he asked "it's always been there, right?" and I answered, "yeah, I guess." He said don't worry about it, but all I read on the internet is that it is caused by cancer and now I am extremely worried.

What else could be causing this? Thanks.
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Peu d’orange appearance can be caused by cellulitis (infection just under the skin) or due to cutaneous lympedema (obstruction of small lymph cahnnels of skin cusing swelling with pitting). So chronic rash, infection (as in fungal infection you have) and eczema or dermatitis can also cause peu d’orange appearance of the skin.

Yes, peau d’orange appearance of breast is often due to inflammatory breast cancer (IBC). Here cancer cells block the cutaneous (skin) lymph channels. IBC is difficult to detect on mammograms as there is no lump. Generally a rapidly progressive erythema (redness) or peu d’orange or warmth covering one third of breast that has been present for less than six months with increase in breast size is taken to be highly suggestive of IBC. Then diagnosis is confirmed by biopsy of the affected breast region. So, if your symptoms have been present for so long (at least 2 years), then it is unlikely to be IBC as this is a very progressive cancer.

Also, you can get KOH films of breast skin scrapings to see if there is fungal infection or some other cause of redness. Test for blood sugar as diabetes can often cause an infection to linger.

Some autoimmune diseases affecting skin like lupus or scleroderma and thyrid disorders affecting skin can also cause similar skin appearance. Also large breasts with uneven fat distribution can cause dimpling affect.

A comprehensive investigation is required keeping all the points in mind. Please consult your doctor regarding this. Hope you a solution to this problem soon! Good Luck and take care!
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I followed up with my doctor today about this and he said i do NOT have peau d'orange but simply more visible hair follicles because my breasts are very big. i am very relieved by that.
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That's great!!!

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