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people rubbing nose when I talk with them

It is not imaginery, there is a pattern of almost all people i can prepare of it to touch nose.

I'm seeking someone simmilar human, who could has that kind of problem. Or. at least someone to help me diagnose or have any idea how to get rid or at least favorite this my bloody smell.

Tooth+gums are healty, yearly at the dentist (he told me, my reason is somewhere else not teeth). my doctor don't know how to deal with it. with ENT we exam nose all ok. I was on gastroscopy process, where they diagnosed me gastritis and mild gerd disease.

About GERD and fighting with acid. first of all I don't have heartburn..mabe 5-10times per year. So i also preventively eat prescribed pills proton pump inhibitors (nexium, emozul, nolpaza, etc.) ..sometimes i was take rutacid, rupurut, noacid (these are europan orodispersible meds for calm fire down), bicarbonate of soda,  I also have change diet alot, no sugar things, low meat, no alcohol, no smoke, i'm also very active in sport cycling.
Nothing has help me with upper problem neither 10%

I remember this has started some 7 or 8 years ago. I was having surgery for tonsils removal (reason was "detritus" in tonsil stones in caves - i've also had bad breath before, but no any people rubb nose to me). After surgey i need to washing my mouth with some natural mouthwash, it was medicine mixture of 3% peroxide with water. 3 months after my funny terrible life has started.

Please help me, if anyone has any idea or even better knowledge from simmilar example in the past
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Not sure to what you're referring, but taking all that acid suppressant for long periods of time will harm your digestive system.  Your stomach must make acid to digest protein, so if you constantly take drugs to suppress it, especially when it appears you're doing this without even having a problem most of the time, the stomach must try to make more and more acid in response.  Bad cycle to get in if you can help it.  As to the rest, again, not sure I understand.
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Sorry for my bad english.

What I can. I could only describe this symthom.  What smell do I have to trigger people rubbing nose. Something really sour i assume, something that irritating the nasal mucosa at others. This could be ACID i assume.

I also have bad taste if I gain mucus from throat back to mouth. It's almost burn/irritate my tongue sometimes.
So my conclusion is that my stomatch has  some problems with holding content...but this is just my thought.
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@Paxiled   i dont taking  acid suppressant for long periods that for sure, i avoid any chemicals last years. I take it sometimes, but rather drink some herbal tea which they sell in our country for acid prolems.
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Have you asked any of these folks if you do indeed have an odor and if so what it is?
Yep several times. Usual response from familiy (parents, sister) was it is not that bad or strong odor, tjat I overreacting
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