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random fainting and dizziness...

It started after my two fainting spells. One was at the end of July. The other was in the middle of November. The first time I was just laying in bed at home, alone. Suddenly i got nauseous. I decided I would go to the bathroom so i could possibly vomit. But once i started to move to head towards the bathroom down the hall I got very dizzy then my vision slowly went fuzzy, then kind of grey, then I was out. I awoke about half an hour later laying in the middle of the hall. the back of my head hurt, seems i had hit a spot behind my left ear quite hard since there was a big bump there. I tried to stand up, but my legs were completely numb and wouldnt move. Also i couldn't vocalize anything for some reason no matter how hard i tried. I ended up just pulling myself back to my bed and sleeping it off and going to work the next day. the feeling had returned to my legs the next morning. The second time I was just sitting at a table with my family playing cards. we had just finished eating a big dinner and it was almost my turn to play. Suddenly, my fingertips started to go numb. The numbness slowly crawled up both my arms, as that was happening i could feel myself getting light headed and nauseous again. My mom looked at me and said i was turning ghost white and before i could respond my vision went and and the next thing i know I'm waking up on the floor. Everyone was freaked out, they said i was out for about 4 seconds. Once i came to after those four seconds, I could not stand on my own two feet, i couldnt even open my eyes this time. Family kept asking me questions to keep me conscious which it did. Ever since these fainting spells or what ever you want to call them, I have been having (on a daily basis) dizziness, nausea, light headed feeling and most recently i have been noticing at certain times i cant form full sentences without becoming tongue-tied and losing my train of thought.I have had a scan done of my head to see if there were any fractures to my skull, nothing. Had them do a test to listen to my heart which included them putting gel on me ( like they do for ultrasounds), nothing. Just finished having my 24 hour heart monitoring done, currently waiting for those results. I am concerned cause I have been to doctors and specialists. All of whom say that according to the results of each test I am a healthy normal 21 year old. Help?
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If your cardio and heart test keep coming back saying nothing wrong, maybe have your blood sugar checked?  If your blood sugars get too low, it can make you faint (just like what happens to diabetics).  Check to see if you are developing diabetic issues?
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As you have had your heart and some other tests, I presume that your blood pressure was also checked as was normal.

Have you been checked out to see if you what you experienced was a stroke?

Other reasons for some of your symptoms can be caused by urinary infections and also having low iron levels (anaemia) when there is not enough red corpuscles to carry oxygen around your body and to your brain.

Other considerations may be is to test you for low vitamin B12 and check for MS
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