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random symptoms

• Fatigue
• Pale skin
• A fast and irregular heartbeat
• Shortness of breath
• Chest pain
• Dizziness
• Cold hands and feet
• Headache
• Feeling cold
• High blood pressure
• Low blood pressure
• Nausea
• Craving ice
• Black outs
• Fainting
• Chest heaviness
• Lack of sweating
• Dehydration even when I drink a lot of water
• Heaviness in head
• Sharp random headaches on right temple
• Swollen lymph nodes
• Burning in arms then feel like I cant move them
• Light headedness
• Dilated pupils when blood pressure gets low
• Blurred vision
• Strange feeling in legs before I pass out
• Low resting heart rate
i just feel like everything isnt lining up. i have been diagnosed with Ehlers danlos syndrome, Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, sinus tachycardia, premature heartbeats, a heart murmur, a heart arrhythmia, neurocardiogenic syncope, food allergies, depression, anxiety.

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Sorry that you have so many problems.

I do hope that you are being monitored by your medical professional, have had the appropriate blood tests taken and other examinations and have the appropriate medications to help.

The symptoms that you list can be indicative of a whole host of different medical problems.

For example blurry vision can be caused from sugar levels being too high.  Have you been tested for diabetes, thyroid problems, and other blood disorders like anaemia, low B12 and so on?

If not, you should produce this list to your doctor so that he can do the appropriate tests and get you put on the right medications.

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I don't know if you still monitor these posts or not. Maybe you already found an answer but if you haven't ... If you're still out there look into the possibility of magnesium deficiency.

Blood serum tests aren't accurate. Intracellular levels are measurable with a specific test but it's not a blood test. It requires epithelial cells for analysis.

I finally put two and two together when I realized caffeine and fasting was a guaranteed trigger. A little searching turned up a link to the possibility of caffeine's roll in magnesium depletion.

I started taking supplements since they're affordable. I'm feeling a difference already. We may not have the same root cause but I hope this at least helps someone a little.

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The only reason I've ever heard of for craving ice was in cocaine addiction. Other than that revelation I can't help you.
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