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recurring utis and more?

Hi, I have recurring utis and there are times between utis when the doctor says I don't have an infection. but still during these times I feel SYMPTOMS of the infection. please help. Ive been in pain for months and the doctors aren't helping me. Please don't tell me its IC, there must be other possibilities.
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I used to go thru the exact same thing.  When you get a UTI you can still feel pain and constricture even tho the UTI test is negative.  Mine was so constant that they eventually did a dilation of the urethra to get the symptoms to disapate.  When reoccurring infections happen sometimes microscopic scar tissues adheres to the urethra.  Also you can cause the same effect from constant squeezing of the urethra as you mentally try to figure out if you have a UTI.  Sounds crazy but when you focus on those muscles you actually constrict them and that can cause the opening to become narrow.  A dialation is sometimes needed.  
Just want you to know that this is not in your head.  It took years for me to figure it out and have not had a problem since.
Let me know if I can help you further
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I check online. Is this referred to as urethreal stricture?It says its not common in women at all. Thank you for your reply tho I'm so happy there is another possibility for this pain.
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Honestly I'm not sure.  A urologist would be your best option to rid yourself once and for all.  I can find no other reason for you.  
Please let me know how it works out.  My recurrent UTIs were so dreadful they really effected my quality of life.
Take care
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Bingo.   That's it!   Urethral stricture.  Now I also have a name for it.
Let me know what happens.
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Btw.   Periduim helps alot.   Won't cure it but does take away the pain and uncomfortable feeling.  It's sold over the counter at any drug store.  I pick mine up at Walgreens in the feminine aisle.
Good luck
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thank you for all your help. I will go get that medication soon. I also have a follow up with my doctor, hopefully it is urethral stricture, at least that can be helped with medication :)
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