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severe dizziness

I have been severely dizzy for a month now. I had some minor dizzy spells on and off for about a year but did not bother me much. On Christmas eve I had an attack of my SVT (heart racing) that lasted for 9 hours. I have meds to take for this but was so dizzy I could not get up to get them and everyone was asleep already. I woke up the next morning and the dizziness was still there and has not gone away since. My cardiologist has ruled out my heart being the cause of the dizziness and my primary dr has ruled out vit B12 or Magnesium deficiency as well as anemia and an electrolyte imbalance. She had thought maybe Labyrinthitis but since my symptoms have worsened not improved she now thinks I should see a Neurologist. I have an appointment but can't get in for a month. Anxiety was mentioned since I had quit smoking due to the dizziness, but ruled out when I pointed out that I had quit because I was dizzy, not dizzy because I had quit.
I am really weak and my head is really foggy. I have not been able to really get off of the couch much due to this issue and I just want to feel better. Any suggestions on what it could be?
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I see from your notes--allergies? If so, it's possible you may have a sinus infection which could make your dizzy, lightheaded. I have sinus /allergies and I'm off balance from it. Inner ear could be problem also. Try seeing a dr. who treats "vertigo"...or try online and watch the video where you can do exercises yourself...try on bed first. Verigo is horrible...one feels drunk. OTC meds (sea sick pills) may help a bit..Vertigo can last quite a long time. GOOD LUCK...
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How are your iron, ferritin and Vitamin D3 levels?

You can be iron deficient and not be anemic.
Your hemoglobin takes iron from the ferritin storage to keep levels up.

Vitamin D needs to be above 50ng/mL

You said B12 is ruled out. Are your numbers close to 800?
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She never told me what my numbers were-she just said they were "normal"...My D levels were really low a few years ago-they were at 10! She didn't even check it this time though. She only checked the B12 because I asked for it since I am a vegetarian and was told by a friend who is a nurse that it could be that.
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my Dr originally said it "could" be inner ear but after taking the Meclizine and getting worse she said ok maybe not. That is why she is sending me now to a neurologist.
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Meclizine made me so dizzy. I was anemic and Vitamin D deficient. Deficiencies for D, B12 and iron cause your symptoms.

You need to always get a printout of your blood work. Doctors tell you your normal and in fact normal range is set far to low for Vitamin D and B12 and Iron. That's why people are sick and have awful symptoms.

You must assume you need B12 supplements if you're vegetarian.
You can get B12 Methylcobalamin supplements or liquid over the counter.

If your Vitamin D level was previously at 10...and you haven't been taking supplements, it is still not in a healthy range. You need to take D3 supplements daily for the rest of your life.

When you take D supplements you must take magnesium as well.
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I went ahead and ordered some B12 supplements anyway before I even asked for the test but they have not arrived yet. I will order the D3 soon as well. Made an appointment with my ENT as well to see about getting tested for food allergies while I'm at it. I just read that Wheat, soy and Dairy can all cause issues with sinuses, ears etc. I am severely allergic to all of the airborne allergens that they tested me for and did the shots for 5 yrs and my numbers all went down and I was "cured" so to speak as much as I could be. I still take Zyrtec daily and Flonase when I really need it.
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Allergies: grass allery--same as wheat products...cereals, etc. tree allergies...nuts, etc...weed allergy---etc...I've had shots for 2yrs. ev. week, no help. Now, I check out google...girl in the bubble..who has MAST CELL SYDROME and she's unbelievably strong. She says: even when I eat or don't eat things I'm allergic to "there is no difference."...I agree...whether or not I eat cross-over foods to my allergies--same problem...inflammation face/nose burns like heck. Dairy is a culprit for many people. My dr. told me to take "CENTRUM SILVER (NO IRON/I'M IRON DIABETIC)...and I take OTC vit d3...and liquid b-12, 5,000mcg..by Nature's Bounty. Vit b we release and not a problem...vit d3 is very important. Hope you feel better soon.
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