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sudden fast heartbeat

Every few months or so for the past 15 years or so.....this weird thing happens with my heart and it REALLY creeps me out (especially over the last few years, because it seems to get worse and last longer every time). It will happen literally out of nowhere, when I am just sitting down watching a movie (having not even moved my body for 30 min. plus). My heart will suddenly start beating super fast and hard, I look down and I can see my shirt moving with the beats I feel my heart making (REALLY FREEKY)!!!!! Seems to be lasting longer and longer every time it happens too! I just realized that this has been going on 45 minutes plus so far. I feel as if I cannot catch my breath when it happens and I feel a long period of exhaustion afterwards too. There was a period when it first began (this time) that I could not even move. I can still feel my heart beating unusually fast right now (almost an hour after it began) and I feel extremely tired (to the point it is difficult to type). Someone once told me that I should go to the ER as soon as it starts so they can monitor my heart while this is happening.........but it happens so infrequently. This is scaring me, any thoughts from anyone? Going to bed now, EXHAUSTED!

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     For Years,I suffered from irregular heartbeats.Just suddenly,the heart
Would start beating faster and faster...and I thought that I was going to Die
or that I was having a Panic Attack. During one of my hospital stays for
Chronic bronchitus and asthma, a Heart Surgeon came in and sat down on
My bed.He asked me What was more Important to Control-the asthma or the
Racing heartbeats? I said...the Heartbeats.He put me on Diltiazem-and I have
Been Fine ever since.
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You need your dr. to RX you a Holter monitor. It is an ekg you can wear and when you feel the symptons you push a button and it records before, during and after an event. truthteller, (My wife has your exact symptoms)

Oh, and everone should question asthma when a dr says they have it. My wife and a good friend were told they had asthma given an inhaler and pushed out of the office, turns out they both had cardiac / heart problems not asthma.
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Dear truthteller0722 ,

It sounds like you could possibly have Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome.  Although you could have other issues.

I noticed that you posted this 6 hours ago.  I hope that you are now at the Emergency Room or contacting your GP doc if it is daytime where you live.  If not run don't walk to the fastest emergency medical care...the ER.  

NEVER minimize a heart event.

ALL heart events are automatically an emergency and always to be treated as such.  Get immediate care. NOW

Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome is rather common, if that is what you have. It also known as WPW -- you can google it if you want.   It is a conductive disorder, not a structural one.

You need to see a cardiologist. He/she will have you wear a 24 hour holter monitor, get a heart x-ray, and e.kg. Maybe some other labs also.

let us know when you are okay again and what happened

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To truthteller0722

I forgot to tell you that yes, your friend was correct, they can bring the HR down with medication. And it is important for them to monittor you and get the meds into you ASAP.

It sounds like you could possibly be in SVT.

The reason that you are out of breath is that your HR is too fast and not enough oxygen. Just imagine what that does if your heart is racing  200 bpm.  You can not even count the beats

More importantly is to diagnose it so that after you leave the hospital you cam manage on your own with no further episodes.

They can also do an invasive procedure to ablate the site if it is WPW.  A very simple procedure and can be done on an outpatient basis. Once it is ablated you should be fine for evermore

I am not a doctor! you need to see one
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Thanks so much for all of your suggestions everyone above. I have not gone to see the doc yet, but I plan to soon. I always forget to mention this issue when I go for physicals and/or other reasons because it happens so rarely. Thanks again to all, I appreciate you all!!!!! :)
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See a cardiologist, get all the tests done. Too much metal in your diet can cause palpitations. I get them and taking a zinc supplement for a cold made them much worse.
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