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very worried about my throat

I’m an 18 year old vocalist and there’s this thing in the back of my throat that that actually makes my throat be very tight when I yawn. I was very afraid that that was a wart, but as a virgin, in every way, I don’t know how how I would’ve gotten one on of these in my mouth. There are a few smaller ones behind the other side of my throat as well. this one just got bigger. I was thinking maybe it’s my sinuses and allergies, which have been acting up since I moved to  a new state. Please help. I don’t have funds or transportation to get to an ent right away.
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there are also weird things on my tonsils that i’m very afraid are warts but they’re where my old tonsil stones disappeared from
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is it possible to get them from wearing underwear that wasn’t packaged without washing it? i’ve done that before when i was like 16 like a naive person
i hate to have upset you with my worries. the thought of it just frightens me.
Okay, well seeing a health care provider for your concerns is not a waste of time, and I'd doubt that a health care provider would see it as such, even if they just offered education.

Help1221, you didn't upset anyone. You're allowed to ask questions here and get answers without judgement.

You can't get HPV (or any other STD) from underwear like that. STDs die quickly outside a human host, so if someone had tried them on - which is usually not allowed in stores - by the time you got them and took them home and wore them, you'd be fine. Even if underwear is returned, stores don't put that back on the sales floor - they do what's called "damage them out", and return them to the manufacturer as damaged product to get their money back.

Is anxiety a new thing for you? Is this fear of HPV a new thing? I say this with only compassion and no judgement at all, but you might want to talk to a counselor about it. It may really help.  

it’s not new at all, i’ve just been too embarrassed to talk to someone about it. i’m at the campus clinic now so i’ll be knowing what’s wrong soon.
thank you all for your help
What did the clinic say?
the woman looked and said what i was worried about looked relatively normal and that my sore/scratchy throat and strange looking tonsils are most likely coming from my sinuses and allergies.
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If you're a virgin, and haven't ever given oral sex, it's not a wart.

I'm not a throat expert, but aren't there nodules vocalists can get on their vocal cords? https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/diseases/15424-vocal-cord-lesions-nodules-polyps-and-cysts

You're 18 and just moved to a new state - are you in college? If you are, do they have student health services? Can you go there and at least get a throat culture and make sure it isn't strep or anything? They also might be able to see if it's a nodule.
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Oh and if you aren't in college, try googling your county and health department - like New York County Health Department if you were in NYC - and find free health clinics.

Quite often, free or low cost health clinics can work with specialists on referrals for low-income people without insurance who need services.
Thank you, yes i’m in college and i’m going to go to the nurse today. I was afraid because (and this is going to sound very bizarre) but i have had some bumps and things on my genitals that i was afraid was warts (my friends and mother think i’m crazy because i’m a virgin) but before i noticed this i experimented with myself and masturbating and i’ve tasted myself after masturbating and even though the obgyn told me after looking that i don’t have warts, it’s always scary because it looks like it. this is why i was so concerned. i’m embarrassed talking about this really.
Okay, so think of STDs like a cold or the flu. When you get the flu, you get it from someone else. It doesn't just develop inside you without an outside source.

STDs are the same way - you can't get it from yourself, and they don't just develop within you without you being exposed to them from someone else. You can not get an STD unless you've done certain things with another person:

Oral sex
Genital to genital rubbing or grinding with no clothes on
Vaginal penetration with a penis
Anal penetration with a penis

Masturbation won't give you an STD.

Bumps on the vagina can be completely normal. There are oil glands (called Fordyce spots), skin tags, and just normal skin variations that can feel and look bumpy. Every woman has these things.

I'm sorry you're embarrassed, but it's awesome that you're asking. No one here knows you, and you can get the info you need. :)

Did you go to the nurse? What did the nurse say?
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Do you still have your tonsils? Have you had a sore throat or sinus infection recently? Either of those can be related to the problems you are experiencing. Your best option is to see a primary doctor first, then see what he recommends as far as follow up.
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I still have your tonsils and I have a sinus infection a couple months ago; I just wanna make sure this thing in my throat isn’t a wart and that I don’t have HPV because i’m extremely afraid of these things
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I’m not sure how to post a picture but I have one ready to post if someone could guide me
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