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weird neck pain

Sorry if this is the wrong section to post this under. I'm 17 and have been having this for 3-4 weeks now. I will get random pain (burning) in the back right side of my neck I don't even know how to properly explain it really. When it does happen it starts in the back right side of my neck goes down my back and to my head it then makes my entire head twitch back and forth for like 3 seconds and then for some reason I get cold sweats and an immense amount of anxiety for like 30 seconds. Any help or direction would be great
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Except for the entire head twitching, possibly this comes from computer use. If you are right-handed, you can get something similar to carpal-tunnel syndrome from being on the keyboard a lot, that doesn't hit your wrists but instead the upper shoulder and neck. Do you have any arm support when you're sitting and working online? You might try putting a pillow on your armrest of your chair to raise your arm into a new position when working on a keyboard or with a mouse, and see if it changes where it hurts. As far as the head twitching, it could come from the same thing if you have inflamed muscles that are pinching a nerve in your neck.
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Although I am on my computer a lot of the day due to online schooling, I feel as if I have sufficient arm support as I sit on a recliner and usually rest my arms on the arms of the chair. I do also play video games quite a bit, but with a controller.
I was suggesting changing the position of your arm (for a while) to see if the pain changes. I get a burning/pinching in the right side of my lower neck, and when I broke my arm recently, had to use the computer in a different arm position due to my splint. Suddenly the burning/pinching in the neck went away, only to come back when the splint was removed. It was clearly from pushing repeatedly and having to click hard in some applications I use over and over. I wouldn't have suspected this for sure except that it changed when my arm position and finger use were forced to change. You might make the experiment and see if things change.
Definitely something I'll give a try! I appreciate the responses.
My neck used to get sore from too much desk work while sitting in the same position. The physio person gave me stretching exercises and within a week or so the mobility had increased noticeably, then the pain went away. Over the years it flares up then I start stretching again and it goes away.  
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