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Unknown dizziness, confusion, and disorientation.

Saturday night something came on me I cant explain. At 10 pm I was watching t.v when all of a sudden it hit me out of now where. My heart started racing. I felt a strange sense of severe panic. I began to feel confused, and disoriented. I felt as if I was 500 feet from the front door, and it was right in front of me. I truly was scared to death. I walked from her house home. feeling this way the entire trip. One I got home I felt a tiny bit better. Still very confused I tried to drink something and get my mind off of the situation. A couple of hours later I tried to sleep it off. AGAIN!!! same thing - only this time it was 20 times worse. This time I really did think I was going to die. In the freezing *** cold I went outside and walked for hours upon hours. I never slept at all that night. When I got home I was no better. Although the symptoms were not as severe but very bad. My symptoms began to change. I was nauseous, dizzy, and very scared and disoriented.  For 3 days I suffered through this. Then I began to feel normal. This happened to me 4 more time. Each time lasting 3 days for it to completely go away. For 2 weeks I was normal. Then slowly it came on me. For the last three weeks straight I have felt dizzy, disoriented and confused. During this last 3 week I have had very bad episodes much like I described above. Only this time after 3 days I didn't come out of it. For the last three weeks if I got to sleep any at all, I would wake up with a very bad hang over type feeling. This morning was by far the worst hang over - type feeling I have felt yet. I spend a lot of time pacing, and trying to convince my self to get control. Sometime I feel like throwing up, and my stomach may hurt a little. I may get a few aches and pains here and there. For the most part - for the last three weeks and the episodes I discussed above, It seemed as if nothing else was wrong with me. My body and everything felt ok. However, as you have been able to read I was far from ok. HELP!
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Sounds like panic attacks, not sure what is bringing them on though. Possibly a heart condition or something disrupting the chemicals in your brain. Go talk to doctors and possibly get an MRI. Avoid drugs and alcohol until you get it figured out.
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