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can anyone help?

for the past 4 months ive had chest pain. it started in june with sudden on set of pvcs. so i decided to go cardiac route first. i had all the blood work and a stress test with ultrasound as well as halter monitor. all normal. so i am now on digestive route having barium swallow and hida scan both negative. so now i have a esophageal ph and monometry study scheduled for nov 1.  i get chest pain all the time some days better than others on 40mg of protonix 2x a day. helps a lil without it pain is unbearable. i had a combo thet work but dr changed it. i would take 40mg of protonix then 150mg zantac at lunch and 1 at dinner pain was at min. pain seems near sternum on either side near chest wall. all the way up into neck. most times its just on right side. also with pain comes anxiety and dread. its effecting my entire life with my family my moods and my job. any other opinions on where i should go from here? im not a sickly person and this is driving me mad. i should be taking care of my family and not vise versa. any help would be greatly appreciated!
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also causes the feeling of unfilled breaths but only on occasion. after at least 8 er visits im desperate for help!!!!!
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It could be a gall bladder problem, you need to only eat low fat foods, no evening eating, lemon juice helps, also eat beets ..google for the best diet , its food that triggers it. no alcohol, does it start under the ribs on the right and radiate into the back, they will do tests for it and tell you what you need to do .Good Luck
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I had the same problem, and I could have swore I had a heart problem. But really I have a Panic Disorder. Panic Disorder can come out of nowhere and be caused by nothing. It causes chest pain, now I'm not saying this is what you have but its worth looking into. Now that I have found out what I have and I'm now on the medication called Paxil its turned my life around. I feel 100% better, occasionally I'll get just a few seconds of chest pain but since I know know what its from Im not scared anymore.
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