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UTI or Yeast Infection?

For about a week now, I've experienced a slight itch and sometimes a strange smell with my urine. However, if I drink a lot of water, my urine is normal despite the slight itch that stays there after urination. Nothing is unbearable. I'm not super uncomfortable. I've been drinking a ton of water, so I'm not sure if my frequent urination is due to water consumption or a possible UTI. My gyno has told me that I do produce a more than normal amount of yeast, but I've never had a yeast infection. I've also never had a UTI.

I feel fine. No cramping. No pain. No nausea.

Is this a UTI or yeast infection? Could it be something else?
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Sounds like the yeast is causing the mild symptoms of irritation. Check for any physical signs of it. Happens every now and then. You should try folic acid and acidiopholus (not on the shelf but live cultures) supplements for a few days. This helps to control the yeast. And drink lots of lemon water to relief the UTI feeling. That, or eat about one cup of probiotic youguart for a few days. Should clear up shortly, if not it's time to see the doc.
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