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Dizziness and other pains

Hi, stopped taking clomid for a year and got back this July and August.  Now, i stopped again since im feeling dizzy and thought it might be related.  Though, i get dizzy too with taking folic acid which i stopped too.  But i'm experiencing migraines lately and feeling dizzy.  I checked my BP and it fluctuated from 110/80 to 90/60.  I would like to know what's causing those headaches and BP fluctuations.  My eyes are getting more blurry and had to wear a reading glasses with 1.50 grade.  I took Iberet for 4 days and it stopped.  I'm afraid it might come back one of these days.  BTW, I'm still not pregnant and i think the most expensive way is my only hope, IVF.  

I hope you can help me.  Thanks.  
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I also have chronic pain and dizziness. My doctor said that the pain in your body causes adrenalin which in turn causes your BP to fluctuate. Try increasing your Protine intake and increase your excersize. Make sure you are also staying well hydrated.
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