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Am I incontinent?

I am a 18-year-old female. In the past month or so, I have noticed that occasionally I feel a few drops of liquid drip out of what feels like my urethral opening. it happens spontaneously. The obvious explanation is that I am peeing a little bit and I need to strengthen my PC muscles. But then there are a few reasons why I think that might not be right in this case:

-It doesn't smell like urine (I don't think, though maybe in such small quantities it's hard to tell)
-When it dries on my underwear, there's no trace of it (however, it seems more liquidy than regular discharge while still wet and not slippery )
-It doesn't feel like I'm peeing when it happens -- I don't feel like any "valves" are opening up, if that makes sense
-Nor do I feel like I need to pee when it happens; my bladder doesn't feel noticeably full

I did a urinary test where everything is normal expect ; Pus cells 1-3/HPF and Epithelial Cells 8-10/HPF.  Is it good or harmful? Bacteria, fungi etc nill.

Also, it is my understanding that female ejaculate comes out of the urethra; I have never had that particular experience, nor am I aroused when this (pseudo-?)incontinence occurs.

So, is this some normal aspect of the female anatomy that I've never encountered before or do I need to start doing Kegels?
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