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Renal epithelial cells in urine

So a few months back I began having heart palpitations which prompted a workul with full bloodwork and urine, holster monitor, echo. All that was found were PACs and PVCs but no major issues. My urine came back abnormal.
My urine came back with microscopic blood 5/hpf. We repeated a urine 2 weeks after my next period  which showed RBC 3/hpf. W repeated a third urine 2 weeks after my next period with a urine cytology. Again there was still 3 RBC/hpf and no cancer cells seen on cytology. I was referred for a bladder and kidney ultrasound that was completely normal.
We just did a 4th urinalysis 2 weeks after my period and it showed 3rbc/hpf and <1/hpf renal epithelial cells.
This is the first time I have had any type of renal cells in my urine! It seems like it is a very small amount but I’m still concerned.

Has anyone else had renal epithelial cells in your urine? And if so what was the cause? How much were present in your urine??
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