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What to expect after rectocele surgery?

How long do you usually have to wait to go back to work and is recovery really painful.
Also, I've been taking phentermine.  How soon before the surgery do I have to quit taking it?
Thanks for you help.

Mountain Girl
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Thank you, This actual patient response is right on.

I usually tell my patients 4-6 weeks of no lifting, no sex or tampons. I do not know where that number comes from, but may relate to how long we think tissues need in order to heal.

Dr. Hoyte

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I am recovering from rectocele surgery and I must admit it was painful afterwards until the dissolving stitches fell out.  I has been just over 3 weeks that I had the procedure done and I have gone back to work just on 3 weeks... not by Drs orders buy more by need from my job.  They recommeded I had 4 to 6 weeks off from work to recover and at least 4 weeks with no driving.  
If I had to do it again... not sure if I would do it but I must admit that the benefits are incredible... as I am sure you can relate.. it was amazing to be able to go for a bowel motion again... without that full feeling being left behind.  It sounds silly but I was very exited when I finally felt normal again.  I only feel twinges every so often now after the 3 week period and my tummy is still swollen sometimes, but I also have a very enlarged ovary with a dermoid cyst on it which will have to have taken out very soon.  
I hope this helps you and good luck with your surgery!
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I was checking to see if yoiu received my response to your response about rectocele?
I didn't see yiour responsenfor several weks because I didn't get a response from the medhelp doctor.  And your response was on that page.  
It's been 9 days sincve my surgery and I saw my dr.today.  She said I'm doing good. I can drive now but not go back to work untill July 23rd,which will be 2 weeks since the surgery.  She (dr) told me to take 4 Metimucel caplets every morning and every night to keep regular.  She said I might have to do that the rest of my life.  But with the Metamucil it's natural and not chemical.  So it's alright.
I hope you are all better now!
BYE, Hope to hear from you.
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I had rectocele surgery two years ago with absolutely no complications or pain from the surgery itself.  The only pain I experienced was when the vaginal packing was removed.  The only medication I had after surgery was two tylenol.  I had a positive outlook before surgery, and I expect this played a part in my having such an easy recovery.  I returned to work on week 5 after surgery due to pressure from my office; however, it was too soon.  I should have given recovery another week.  Give yourself as much time as you can to recover.  I must add this surgery was not my cure-all.  I continued to have problems and told my gynecologist at my two-week checkup there was still something wrong.  Two years later......I have been diagnosed with another rectocele and also a sigmoidocele, which was probably present before the first surgery and went undetected.  I'm told sigmoidocele is very rare, so I am currently trying to find a surgeon specializing in the repair.  Anyone knowing of a good doc for sigmoidocele, please advise.  Good luck to you, but if you still have problems after surgery, don't hesitate to change doctors if yours tells you he cannot find anything wrong.  We all know our own body better than anyone else!  
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