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Would you risk further surgery with these problems

I was not diagnosed with a Duplex kidney until after two pregnancies which I was hospitalised for high BP, although my family knew of this in my childhood. I developed pain in the middle of the month after first pregnancy, which worsened after the second along with back pain, constipation and urinary frequency.
I was eventually sent for tests to Charing Cross Hospital, but sent home in a worse state being told they could find nothing wrong apart from the Duplex kidney which they classed as a minor abnormality.
My marital life has never been very good and eventually I divorced, and my family of two daughters have turned against me, in turn denying me knowing my Grandchildren.
I underwent sterilization in 1976 which caused me more pain, at the same time I suffered an infection in the scar. I complained all was not well, but nobody would listen.
I spent years on antidepressants, tranquilizers and antisychotic drugs to cope with family disharmony in turn taking two overdoses caused by drugs and passing out twice. I have been made to feel that I am mental by Doctors, and have been struck off twice in trying to seek help.
One drug called Pimozide I was left on this drug for 14 years, and while on this diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. My weight went up and up and so did the drug arsenal. I was diagnosed with a Hiatious hernia, and prolapse wich I later learnt was a cystocele and rectocele, but they refused to do surgery.
At the end of these 14 years and incontinence worsening I decided to stop these drugs, but before that was diagnosed with breast cancer, and having to endure 3 ops within 6 weeks (my feelings were that only one OP was needed had I been informed correctly). My health was pulled down having to undergo these OPS, so much so that again surgery could not be done.
I also have a history of cervical polyps, and being placed on Tamoxifen caused a large polyp to fill the uterus, so I abandoned Tamoxifen after only a few months (not a wonder drug as described, but a cheap drug).
I seperated from the Husband after more polyps were removed, and refused to go back to that hospital.
I eventually had surgery in Chelsea and Westminster with a TVS TAPE to hold up the Cystocele, and repair to the rectocele. I had trouble to pass urine and suffered an infection.
After this I had to undergo treatment for Haemorroids.
Things went wrong again after a couple of years and due to NHS and PCT they refused to allow me back to the hospital.
I suffered pain every night which was relieved by spending a penny.
I eventually divorced in 2009, but I can only say that I wish I had never married or had children, not only for the health problems caused, but for how I have been treated.
I eventually got back to Chelsea and Westminster, but before this had a fall on a bus, which got rid of the pain every night in the bladder only to be replaced with more pain in the back, hips then up to the shoulder, and from there to the elbows wrists and knees.
I had difficulties even getting onto a train (which had the trains been designed to meet the platforms would have been easier).
I was treated as an emergency as I was losing blood (after menopause), which entailed an overnight stay in which two polyps were removed, and a look inside the womb. The prolapse was not attended to.
A patient in the next bed had a very nasty chest, and within days of this I ended up as an emergency with pneumonia in turn this caused what has since been diagnosed as POLYMYALGIA to get worse as well. ( infection control in non existant).
I am on Prednisolone for the Polymyalgia which does help with pain.
With regard to Hypothyroidism, and the fact that I was on thyroxine which was also causing problems, and felt better without plus the fact that it was causing my hair to fall out. After many years of being told that I have Hypothyroidism, I am now told that I don't, but my GP has condesended to put me back on a small dose of 25mcg to help with constipation.
I have also noted that my urine is cloudy in the mornings and this is now said to be crystals which are likely to be calcium, but the NHS do not test for this.
I am also told that a rectocele can come and go, and I am now reluctant due to my immune system not being able to cope with infection to enter a hospital let alone undergo surgery.
I would welcome any suggestions as to how to prevent this prolapse from causing me problems, as I am having problems with Haemorroids as well.
I have also had to become a vegetarian since 2005, and last of all would anyone else risk having surgery with all that I have had to put up with, and I am 67.
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Wow, that's a lot to go through. I can't comment on the  other health issues, in all honesty POP is my area of expertise so I'll stick with thoughts on rectocele.

It is great that you are a vegetarian, that is the best diet you can be on with the chronic constipation that comes with rectocele. I would be very hesitant to have surgery with your history, but there are some things you can do to make yourself more comfortable. You don't mention how invasive the consitipation is or what other symptoms you have that are specifically related to the rectocele so I will generalize path. Have you tried a pessary for internal support? You will need to be fitted by a physician for one. Sometimes support garments can make women feel better, it helps eliminate that feeling of pressure. Women often have to insert a washed finger into the vagina to "assist" bowel evacuation.

Good luck Kathleen, I hope things get level for you!
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I used to have a ring in for support, but suffered from infections and pain. Antibiotics in turn caused me to be sick etc, and I am also allergic from childhood to penicilin.
The gynaecologist ask me if I use my finger for constipation, but when things get bad I use a suppositry, and also use a different type for haemorroids.
Where do you obtain support garments in the UK. The one thing I cannot stand is anything tight round my waist.
I have raised the foot of my bed as I read about this somewhere and as a child the foot of my bed was raised.
Although I had a lot of problems with my chest and was said to be hospitalised twice for collapsed lung, a recent chest x-ray done after the pneumonia is said to be clear with nothing showing to indicate that, and some of my GP records have been removed to indicate the problems that I had in childhood.
My feelings are that if it came to having surgery that my own home is the safest place to avoid infections.
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A couple of thoughts Kathleen.

When your dr mentioned using your finger for constipation, do you know he meant inserting a finger in the vagina to push on the rear vaginal wall to help the poop come out? Many women do this who have rectocele-you need to wash your hands b/4 inserting them into the vagina.

Support garments can typically be found at any department store in the ladies undies section. They are much more comfortable than the old girdles used to be. I understand what you mean about can't stand anything around your waist, I am the same way. What I do if I need to wear pantyhose or anything restricting is fold the waistband down so it is off of my waist completely.

I don't think it's a good idea to lift the foot of your bed if you have chest issues, it will increase fluid to your chest.

If you are not taking any probiotics, it might be a good idea to experiment with both probiotics and prebiotics. These replace the natural good bacteria in your intestines/bowels. (Our guts are filled with a balance of good bacteria, bad bacteria, and yeast-pro/prebiotics replenish the good bacteria. With all the medications you've been on, you probably need  your guts rebalanced. Any vitamin store or health food store will have these supplements.)

Our own homes are often the safest environments for us to be in; it is vital to wash hands and keep your hands off your face.

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All the Doctor ask me was if I use a finger, and not how or where in reference to constipation, but I am taking linseeds, but having now got a grinder I grind them up first and add some boiling water to drink . I do have a plain low fat yoghurt that has these probiotics in.

Increasing Prednisolone up to the dose I was on has helped with what I have been told is Polymyalgia.

I already know calcium to be a problem, and if prescribed again, some pretence at taking this will be needed.

With regard to raising the foot of my bed, and the problems with my lungs as a child, and nothing to show of anything amiss in the lungs today I have to wonder why a GP would advise that the foot of my bed be raised. During the night I find that I naturally draw my legs up and this relieves any pain. What position do you adopt at night. I also find that to spend a penny helps with cramp in my feet.

When I used to wear a girdle, by the end of the day it had to come off due to the tightness and this in turn caused what I would describe as a cold which after laying flat overnight would subside.

I now notice a cold coming on after eating certain foods, and at the moment my eyes are sore and bothering me.

I have also gone back to wearing health magnets that I purchased specially to make into bands to wear which help with arthritas.
I also have an adjustable back support belt which may also help with the rectocele, which I may go back to wearing.

When any ultrasounds have been done on the kidneys, these have always been done in the morning, and the ureters cannot be seen on ultrasound, and they rely on seeing a swollen kidney to diagnose any blockage in the ureters, but when do most women feel bloated and filled with fluid. At the end of the day, and this is the likely time to time to see any swelling on ultrasound, as overnight this can go down.

To make matters worse I am unable to drink the ammount of fluid required for these ultrasounds to be accurate. My GP has also advised me to drink more due to these crystals of calcium, but this in turn causes more discomfort with fluid retention so up goes my BP, in turn not good for ones kidneys.
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All I can think of for lifting foot of bed is to help the pelvic organs flow (gravity) back in direction of abdomen if they are protruding from vagina but in all honesty, I don't know how much good that will do at this point. Ask him straight up what the purpose is.

Finding a comfortable position to sleep is so variable from woman to woman, our natural patterns are often no longer comfortable with POP issues. I am a side sleeper and that actually worked out pretty well for me with POP-I do notice that I sleep with my legs more extended to the side than I used to rather than straight down. Sometimes it is a simple matter of how the body naturally wants to be positioned to stretch out the fascia that encompasses all organs/tissues.

It is important to find the right balance between support and comfort with support garments, you may need to get a support garment a size larger than you think you need-it will still give some support but not be so binding to tummy. If the back support belt helps I'd just go with that for rectocele.

Don't know what to think about the cold factor, both from temperature angle or virus angle; food should not cause you to get a cold, touching virus on surfaces and touching face would. Don't know significance of cold temp feel of body.

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First Sherrie the best advice I have received, and I already felt the same way is to avoid further surgery with the risk of aquiring infection in hospital due to the experiance I had last time with pneumonia and the problems I already have with antibiotics.
Apart from having my bed raised at the foot, the position I appear to adopt is on my back with my knees drawn up.
Unfortunatley I also have to engage into an NHS complaints procedure with the mental health team and CPN who appear to be descriminating against me, as she has suddenly decided not to visit without me being given a reason why and did not call back to me as she was supposed to yesterday to explain herself. Neither have I received a care plan from this trust, and they appeared in the paper over this and told to get their act together or lose their contract.
ICAS are going to take me through with this.
It is due to this team that I have ended up with more problems due to the administering of a drug for 14years which caused all the weight gain in turn causing internal problems and breast cancer. All this needs a more thorough investigation this time, but my trust in the NHS is non existant now.
I was also offered another drug to consider taking,but although I was not informed it can cause sudden death to an older person, but with my problems I would say more likely, and neither myself or my GP have been sent a report. I will not be placing my life at risk with any further drugs of this nature.This is also the type of drug that is being used in nursing homes which in turn causes them to get worse.
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Your health has diverse paths Kathleen, I can see where surgery would be risky for you with so many health factors. It is obviously in your best interest to continue to do your homework for any treatment options offered to you; no one knows your body like you do and when there are multiple health issues and multiple health care practioners involved, it can get pretty sticky-risk factors increase. Please continue to do your due diligence.
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Thankyou for all your help Sherrie I shall do my best to keep myself in good health and beat the Doctors.
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Awesome Kathleen-no one knows our bodies as well as we do, trust your "guts".
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