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Pros of accepting BCG bladder cancer treatment

I have T1 grade 3 bladder cancer which was cut out, followed by a biopsy
and the decision to have BCG treatments of which I have had two so far. However I find that I have developed the symptons of bladder infection, It is very sore to pass urine and the sides of my vigina and back passage is raw I think due to the BCG leaking out onto this area. I have been coating the area with baby nappy rash products, which have helped to a certain degree.
I have also been told that in some cases it is betteer to have the bladder removed at the onset and that having the BCG is just a stalling concept and one will within five years have to have the bladder removed any way...
What are you thoughts on this. I dont want to go three years worth of treatment and then still have to go through the ultimate removal in any case.
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Every person is different!  I have been fighting to save my bladder for 16 years now.  If you are willing to go through TURBT's and cystos on a regular basis to keep an eye on things you may be able to keep your bladder for a lot longer then 5 years. I am holding out for a "cloned" new bladder. Replacing the bladder has come a long way in the last 16 years and I am sure it will come even further in the next 16.  Have you tried Mitomycin C treatments?  Maybe your side effects wouldn't be so bad from these. I hate BCG!!  The fact that you have the symptoms of a bladder infection means it's doing what they want it to. Did they explain this to you?  The idea is to make you so inflamed that when the body sends it's killer cells to fight the "infection", it will take out the cancer cells as well :). Better then some antibiotics that kill the good with the bad. The decision to keep your bladder is between you and your doctor- I strongly recommend a good urologist not an oncologist for this cancer. Only my Urologist was willing to work with me to save my bladder.  He sees bladder cancer everyday- the oncologist treats Cancer everyday and has a different take on this situation. Be sure you understand all your options before you take that bladder out. Once it's out, your options become a lot more limited. God Bless you- this is one heck of a fight no matter which way you go!
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