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Biopsy or resection of kidney

What is better biopsy or resection of a mass on the lower pole of the right kidney?

Have only talked to one Dr.  and he is all for cutting it out.

Plus what is the recovery like?  The Dr. stated I would be in the hosp. for 5 to 10 days depending on recovery.  

Can anyone tell me what kind of pain I will be in.


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Removal of the renal mass, removal of part of the kidney (partial nephrectomy) or even removal of the whole kideny (nephrectomy) can be done by minimally invasive techniques. Requirements for pain relief is sometimes less with these minimally invasive techniques. There are good medicines to relieve post-operative pain.

Many biopsy techniques are percutaneous/ needle based. With many biopsy techniques, a positive result confirms the presence of the lesion, but a negative result does not rule out the lesion. It is for these reasons, many urologists would, when dealing with a mass they think is suspicious for a malignancy, prefer to remove it.
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