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I've had blood in my semen for the past 3 weeks. It appears as a brown colour. I started reading up on what it could be and it said testicular cancer. Is this possible? I noticed that I have some pain in my right testicle, but this was only after reading about itonline, so maybe it's due to anxiety. I have no lumps - at least none that I can feel. I am 22. I also have blurred vision for some reason, but maybe it's unrelated.
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Blood in the semen is can occur with infections, cancers and many a times may just be idiopathic ( no cause found) and self limiting.

At 22 years, cancer as a cause is some what unlikely. However it is possible and you should be evaluated by a Urologist.

the prostate and seminal vesicle may need to be assessed to rule out cysts or other conditions which can cause this.
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